Monday, November 23, 2009

Bubba tonight

Tonight the Wings square off against division rivals Nashville Predators, or Smashville as they like to call themselves. Pretty frickin' lame huh?

So, a team that's one of the NHL's newest, has never one a playoff round (and only been in four) that has a nickname like that, should be easy meat for the Red Wings. Sadly it hasn't been the case lately, as evident in Detroit's 2-3-1 record against them last year. And let's face it, things are gonna be even harder without Kronwall.

So here's my thoughts on tonight's game:
- Nashville have been great lately, but should be a team Detroit can beat
- Meech and Lebda is a probable third defense pairing. Yikes!
- Ericsson's gonna get a lot more responsibility
- We're gonna need the defense to play safe
- They need to get better getting the puck out of the zone
- We need better fore-checking
- Ericsson might provide some offense on the PP
- Lidstrom WILL bounce back after having a bad (after his stellar standards) game on sunday
- The Wings need to turn their chances into goals.
- The Wings cannot allow themselves to lose to a team that has sported these jerseys:

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In other Wings news, the Wings are rated as #5 in this week's edition of ESPN's Power rankings

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