Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The captain is in!

I'm probably the last Red Wing blogger to write about this, but hey no one reads this anyway (to get read you need to advertise for the blog somehow, but I can't really do that before I've made a few posts so..)

Anyway, the man, the legend, the one and only His Royal Highness the Majesty also known as God, Steve Yzerman was inducted into the hall of fame monday night together with former Wings Brett Hull and Luc Robitaille (someone also told me longtime Ranger Brian Leetch and Devils GM Lou Lamoriello got in, but who cares?). It's nice to see Yzerman get the credit he deserves and like every other blogger I gotta use a few lines to pay tribute.

I became a Wings fan around 94 or 95 and became hardcore after meeting Scotty B in 96 and through all my years watching hockey I've never seen anyone do it like Stevie did. Okay, so Gretzky was the best player ever, Lemieux the most talented, Orr the most revolutionary and Howe the full package. But Yzerman was the team guy above all, he could deke, pass and shoot like the best of them, but he also battled defensively and was the first to go down and block a shot. He was never bigger than anyone, never bigger than the team and he'd walk to Islamabad and back if he needed to to make his team win. To me, the 2002 playoffs really symbolize the specialness of # 19. Watch some of those games again. You see time after time that he struggles getting up after whistles, he leaves the ice grimacing in pain and even on the bench you can see that he's badly hurt, but still he went out every shift and played like one of the best players in the league, leading on his team and giving everything he had. The guy had HEART, more than anyone else, that's what made him so special, that's why if I could choose one player through history to build my team around, it'd be him. Congrats Stevie!

Some video from the ceremony is online, so I'll post all the speeches here. Stevie had grace, humility and greatness as always, Brett Hull's speech is pure frickin' class and the three other ones have their moments too...






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