Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ducks preview

Yup. The Ducks tonight. They've seemed kinda shit lately, while Detroit has been doing well, so hopefully we can get another win. I don't like writing previews so once again I'll just deliver some general info and then direct you to previews by other bloggers.

- Ozzie is still sick and I hear Maltby's gonna be a scratch, so we'll have the same lineup as the Canucks game
- I hate the Ducks
- Scott Niedermayer is a god damn baboon, Corey Perry should be put in jail and I just really wanna slap Ryan Getzlaf's face
- I love how every guy who comes to Anaheim (even people previously seen as classy like Niedermayer and Selänne) become cheapshots, divers and dirtbags
- I fucking hate the Ducks (can I write the word fuck on blogspot?)
- Not George Parros though. He's the exception, you really can't hate a guy with a mustache that cool.

For further reading on the game and why we all hate the Ducks read the excellent previews from Michael at The Production line and Natalie at The Scrappy Octopus

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