Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So another win for Detroit and what a game. This was one of those that are great for neutral people and a great commercial for hockey, but almost gave us fans heart attacks.

1st period: The Wings went hard out of the gate and dominated right from the start. The Ducks looked left behind in the dust and out of it (something that was illustrated very well by the fact that at one point in the period you could here someone on the Ducks bench scream "They're all over you, they're all over you!" The Wings got their first goal, scored by Cleary on the PP on a nice deflection.
Towards the end of the period Big Z had several great chances over the course of 15 seconds. Getzlaf seemed to take exception to the fact Zetterberg outplayed him and his team so he decided to go all ape, crosschecking Zetterberg several times after the whistle had gone. Somehow, at the same time Jonathan Ericsson took exception to Corey Perry's face (which of course is quite understandable when I think about it), but even though they dropped the gloves they didn't get to fight. The reason for this was that E's helmet was stuck around his neck and he couldn't get his strap off, so they aborted the fight, encouraged by the linesmen and got 5 minutes each without dropping a punch. Mickey R thought Perry showed class, but we all know better. He was afraid to hurt his hands or something. And the fact he wore a visor, but made no sign of taking off his helmet proves this.
Anyway Ryan "So-ugly-you-just-wanna-slap-him" Getzlaf got 4 minutes for plain stupidity and Rafalski capitalized on it quickly.

2nd period: After the Wings had spent the end of Getzy's second minor not scoring, the Ducks were allowed to take over. The Wings got a little better at the end of the period, but the only goal of the period was scored by Perry after Ericsson made the worst turnover in the history of hockey.

3rd period: This one was more even and a total 80s throwback party. Anaheim struck first making it 2-2 by Bobby Ryan. Horrible turnover by Howard.
The Wings came back and took the lead when a beautiful pass-shot by Rafalski was deflected in by Datsyuk for a Power Play goal. But the Ducks came back again with Lupul before Zetterberg made it 4-3 with his first of the night. Then Zetterberg was penalized for slashing (I didn't really see that one, but what the hell, we won anyway) and a little later the Wings took an obvious too many men-penalty to give the Ducks a 5-on-3, which Getzlaf scored on. That was it for Anaheim scoring. Nice shots from Zetterberg and Helm made it 6-4, before Zetterberg completed his hat trick with an empty-netter 0.7 seconds from the end of the game

Why did it go like that?
The Wings came out flying and skated very well, played agressive and forced a lot of turnovers. The Ducks seemed kind of spent and didn't get much done. In the second the Wings fell asleep and let the Ducks get into the game and a belief of their chances in the game. In the third it went back and forth, but the Wings battled harder and proved more deadly (and Hiller was bad).

Stuff I disliked
- Horrible turnovers by E and Howard (who other than that had a decent game)
- That the Wings let the Ducks back in the game
- That the Wings couldn't contain the Ducks top (and only)-line

Stuff I liked
- Zetterberg was great (curly fries, but not for me, we don't even have Arbys in Norway)
- Datsyuk had another strong game
- Leino looked better than he's done in a while
- Stuart's great save/block on Selänne
- The fact they scored 7
- Bobby Ryan screaming "Fuck!" after going offside at a power play
- 2 points
- The fact that Stuart and Rafalski jump into plays a lot and does well offensively (though they now and then do it at times where they shouldn't have)
- Kronwall is ON right now

Play of the game
Rafalski's shot-pass that Datsyuk deflected in

Player of the game
Hank, no doubt about that

Opponent of the game
Getzlaf. He made up for the penalties by great offense. And it feels good to hate him.

Other notes:
- Zetterberg is NHL's first star this week
- Ozzie is still sick, so Howard will have to go again tomorrow. Maybe we should send Kristen Bell to nurse her teenage sweetheart?
- I was planning to mention Emma Zetterberg, but since everyone else did, I won't (see what I did there?)

Unnecessary, but nice picture of Kristen Bell

Unnecessary, but nice picture of Emma

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