Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Random pre-Atlanta notes

Kicking Atlanta's ass, something the Wings need to do tonight

So, as I'm working tonight, I won't really be able to write a preview right before the game, so I'm just gonna provide you with one right now.

First a whole other thing:
- Malik reports that Jakub Kindl left practice in Grand Rapids yesterday with a foot injury. There are no details about the seriousness of the injury. Let's hope it's not serious, because the way things are going for the Wings injury-wise Kindl might be one of the next defensemen in line.

Anyway, Khan reports that Howard will make a start in goal against the Thrashers. I don't really know how I feel about that. On one hand Howard has been quite good the last weeks and he's had some success in the W-column too, and I'm all for playing him a lot and giving him a lot of responsibility, but Ozzie was frickin' excellent against the Preds, so I guess I expected to see him in the net tonight. It's gonna be interesting to see how Howard does against stars like Kovalchuk

The same article also notes that Uncle Mike didn't like all the defense pairings, so he'll try a new look tonight. Nick will be playing with E, Rafalski will go with Stuart, then Meech and Lebda will each get to play in pairings with one of the four first players. Babcock calls it an eight man block, done with six guys. Sounds weird, but it might work.

And the forward lines will be:
May-Abdelkader-Miller (Maltby working in)

Damn, I liked the lines I posted last night better. I really think we need to get Bertuzzi away from Pasha and I thought Miller was good with Z, while Leino was great on the fourth line. So yeah, I'm not really sure that I like these lines. Hopefully the Wings can prove me wrong.

Thoughts about the game
- The Thrashers have been playing well this year. Peverly is a guy who has stepped up and someone the Wings need to watch out for
- It's gonna be interesting to see how the Wings defense handles the Afinogenov - Kovy - Antropov line
- Pavlec has been good this year and I am sure he'll play his best game of the year tonight
- The Wings need to be more aggressive in their own zone and on the kill. I also think that the key to getting the puck out of the zone more effectively (which I always rant about) is to take a little more time. I think the defense have seemed a bit stressed in their own zone. Time to relax tonight.
- I'd like the forwards to get a little closer to the net with the puck, have a little more movement and create better chances. These last games there's been a lot of shots, but few really great chances.
- Helm's gonna score tonight. I can feel it.

By the way, wouldn't it have been much cooler if the Thrashers as in Thrash Metalheads and not some bird?

I dare you to say that THIS is a cooler Thrasher than...

...this. Hetfield himself is Sharks fan though...


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