Thursday, November 5, 2009

San Jose tonight

First of all, congratulations to Ozzie for his 50th career regular season shutout! He had a good game and I think the whole team were pretty good against the Bruins. Even Doug Janik had quite a decent game.

Tonight is another story though. Boston were struggling even before this game, San Jose on the other hand has won six (6!) straight games. To me they don't look as fast as last year, but they have gotten some of that grit and edge they lacked in the playoffs last year. They're a high scoring team and it will be hard for Ozzie to get another donut tonight, but they also let in quite a lot of goals, so hopefully the Wings can exploit that.

On another note, the Wings now (with 15 points in 13 games) are on schedule for 94 points, which last year would have been enough to make the playoffs.

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