Monday, November 30, 2009

Stars are coming to town.

Wrongest 3rd jersey since the fisherman (Montreal not included)
Ooops, that one got posted a little too fast, but here's the edited version:

The Stars are coming back to the Joe for more and we all remember the last meeting. The one Dennis LaRue fucked up. So please God, let us get a good referee or two today.

Dallas are hanging in there in the West, but their team doesn't seem that strong overall, and I can't see why they should be able to outplay the Wings yet again (on the other hand the Wings are as predictable as a guy on crack, so who knows).

We don't know if Alex Auld is playing again or if Marty Turco is gonna play. Hopefully it'll be Turco, he sucks at the Joe :D

The line up will be the same as against the Blues, but Eaves might be a game time desicion with an injury. In that case Maltby will replace him. Which leads to my question HOW THE FUCK CAN MALTBY BE SCRATCHED WHEN BERTUZZI IS PLAYING?. Having said that, let's hope that Big Bert finds some confidence in his shootout marker and decides to show us why the Wings are paying him.

Keys to the game:
- Wandell, and their breakout in general has to be slowed up
- Ribeiro, their best forward must be watched
- Patience, and effectiveness getting out of our own zone
- More speed through the neutral zone, get more off the rush
- Leino made some good passes against the Blues, now he needs to step up on the other aspects of his game
- More traffic to the net
- More aggressive play in their own zone
- Referee's who will allow the Wings to score

A good reason to hate the Stars:
Panter wrote them a fight song (including a riff from Cowboys from Hell). That should be enough to make anyone envious.

Pantera, Dallas fans extraordinaires. RIP Dime!


  1. Ha, that jersey never fails to make me giggle. So sad. But honestly, I find the Dallas Stars so ridiculously boring, I wish they would pull this one back out, just so I'd have something to amuse me about them.

  2. Yeah, their team isn't excactly one of those that bring excitement.

    But this jersey is a disgrace to hockey. Utterly, utterly horrible. Just makes me sad

  3. The "Mooterus" always makes me shudder. So very very ugly.

  4. haha, that's the best name I've ever heard for that jersey :D