Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stars beat Red Wings

I won't discuss the non-goal here, because I'll use a separate post to discuss it.

The Stars started better when Detroit and dominated most the first period, although the period was littered with penalties to both teams, most of them soft or just wrong. Dallas got the period's only goal on their first PP. Ribeiro was credited with it, but it went in off an unlucky Ericsson's stick (a bit sloppy, but mostly bad luck).
Detroit became better in the second period, but still allowed some chances against for the Stars, who made it 2-0 on a shot from the Blue Line. A little later Zetterberg scored a beauty of a goal to make it 2-1. In the third Detroit looked best and should've tied it with 13 minutes left, but the goal was disallowed (or rather ruled a non-goal, more on that in my next post here). Instead, Dallas capitalized on a PP chance and won the game.

Why did it go like that?
For one thing the game was fairly devoit of rythm because the refs seemed to have noticed that Wings and Stars were both among the least penalized teams and had decided to do something about that. Both teams got penalties for viritually nothing (while the refs missed a couple of obvious ones).
Also the Wings seemed a bit slow and not up to speed and they were especially weak on their fore-checking, neutral-zone play and breakouts. The Stars had a great game (and deserved the win) and their break-outs went straight through the neutral zone and beat the Wings time after time.

Stuff I disliked
- Low Wings energy
- The defensemen jumping up on the play didn't contribute, but turned pucks over which gave Dallas many odd man rushes
- Bad fore-check
- Bad neutral zone play
- Bad breakouts
- Too many sloppy passes
- The Wings seemed to lose to many battles
- The refs
- Dennis LaRue
- Toronto's War room
- Gary Bettman
- Ribeiro's face
- Morrow embellishing like shit
- Invisible Datsyuk

What I liked
- Zetterberg with another good one
- Howard was fricking excellent, none of the goals were on him and he made a lot of great saves
- Brad May actually won a fight

Play of the game
Zetterberg's goal

Player of the game
Alex Auld. He was excellent in the Dallas goal

Red Wing of the game
Jimmy Howard

I would like to take time to yet again thank Brendan Shanahan for his contributions to the Red Wings and remember his career by posting a clip of his part in the spectacle that gave this site its name (at 00:27 and then again in slow motion at 3:37):

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