Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wings beat Blues in shootout

So, it took the lottery to win this one, but still. We won! Yay!

I have decided to screw the whole recap thing and just go with my thoughts:

- This game seemed to have a lower tempo than the last few games
- The Wings were way too weak in front of their own net on goals number 1 and 3. Howard can't really be blamed for any of them, but none of them were good by the Detroit defense
- The third and fourth line were great! Yet again...
- I actually jumped up and cheered when Homer scored, then looked for any sign of the ref disallowing it, then cheered again. All in all, that goal was a hell of a nice play. Notice that Bertuzzi was not on the ice when Dats and Homer finally got going.
- The Draper goal was a thing of beauty, great efforts by Helmer and Eaves and good finish by Draper
- How sweet is it that the Wings finally got one of those late goals? By the way, what a fluke goal it was! It passed Jackman on one side, hit his elbow, then went back towards the goal on the other side of his body. Nice to get a bounce like that.
- Good work in the shootout Bertuzzi! Now start playing the same way...
- I think Bertuzzi might be the league's slowest skater. Can't think of anyone else... Maybe Leino?
- Anyone wanna give me odds on May netting one before Leino or Bertuzzi nets their next?
- Leino actually had a few nice passes in this game, but still he kinda played badly.
- Howard was excellent! I think he's proven that he is good enough for the NHL, at least as a backup.
- Chris Mason also had a good game. Fun fact: He actually played his lockout year in Norway's ugliest club Valerenga, together with Scott Hartnell.

Play of the game
The Homer goal. Great passing and good finishing

Player of the game
This could've ben Howard, or Helm if he scored one (or didn't get this title every second game), but I've gotta go with Z. He was great!

Opponent of the game
Backes. 1 goal, 1 assist and a constant threat

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