Friday, November 13, 2009

Wings beat the Canucks

The Wings got 2 points and Howard had a good game.. that's what we'll have to take away from this one

The Canucks got off to a good start and had a lot of the pressure in the first period. They were unable to capitalize on their power play though, and towards the end of the first period the Wings got a power play for themselves and Homer scored. The first period ended 1-0 Wings, but Canucks were the better team, though not as dominant as the 15-5 shot-total would suggest. In the second period the Canucks dominance continued and the game became rougher and harder. An unlucky high stick by Abelkader gave the Canucks a power play which they scored a fluke goal on (guess it was fair after they hit the inside of the post a couple of minutes earlier). The rest of the period had more Canucks power plays, one of them totally ridiculus (let's talk about that one later).
In the third Detroit started by killing off a 4-3, turnin 5-4 Canuck power play and took a grip on the game, they outshot they Canucks in the period and got rewarded with a great Zetterberg goal. Kronwall scored the empty netter to make it 3-1.

Why did it go like that?
The Canuck dominance in the first two was down to several things. The first one, the fact that they came out flying, played with high energy, pressured the Wings hard and moved the puck well. Also the Wings seemed a bit spent, turned the puck over too much and seemed to have trouble getting the puck out of the zone. The Wings also seemed to struggle getting shots on net. The refs played their part and even though most Detroit penalties (except one) were okay, some of them were pretty cheap and the Canucks should have gotten more of them. The fact Detroit came out 1-1 after 2 periods is largely down to Jimmy Howard, who played well (still needs to get better rebound control), a good PP that lead to a goal and some good PK.
In the third the perseverance of the Detroit payed off and they got their legs going and could take advantage of the growingly frustrated Canucks.

Stuff I disliked
- Turnovers
- Inability to get the puck out of the zone
- Just a bad day all over

Stuff I liked
- The Wings fought hard and got payed for it
- Howard's play (gotta give confidence)
- The fact one of these actually went our way
- That the Wings won on a bad day
- Z was great
- Helmer's energy, though he had some errors
- Rafalski had a good game offensively
- Drew Miller looked pretty goood

Play of the game
I'm tempted to say Kronwall's flukey empty netter, but Stuart's three line pass to Zetterberg who scored beautifully, wins the prize.

Player of the game
Jimmy Howard. His best game in a Wings jersey this year

Opponent of the game
Gord Dwyer. The refs seemed to call everything the Wings did and nothing the Canucks did. And the best was the penalty on Stuart. His stick was ON THE ICE for gods sake. If Dwyer had used his eyes he'd seen that it was Samuelssons's stick and that it hit Stuart up high so it should have been a call the other way. And the dunghead called it from center ice! I mean, when the ref 2 meters from the play doesn't call it, maybe he shouldn't either.
I guess the guy in the picture I posted yesterday (and hereby repost was Gord Dwyer).

And as a reward for this game here's Wingsfan Kristen Bell (who has a crush on Ozzie)

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