Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wings beat Habs

The dedication and lack of intelligence of the average Montreal fan on display here

First, sorry for the non-review of the Panthers game. I was tired and half-slept through it. Here's some notes about it:
- Betuzzi played like an ass
- I wanted to marry the third line (and I am a heterosexual, monogamist man)
- We deserved this one
- I'm never watching a Panthers game ever again

Man of the match:
Scott Clemensen

Wing of the match:
Darren Helm

Over to the Habs game:
Fuck! Kronwall is hurt and will lose at least 2-3 weeks, maybe more... That's really bad news

Recap (now incorporates the "Why did it go like that?" section)
The game started with both teams flying, both teams having chances, but that ended when George Laraque took a swipe at Darren Helm's face with his stick and then kneed Kronwall into possible long-term injury. For this he was rewarded with 6 minutes (only two for the kneeing), which makes me wonder how you have to knee someone to get the 5 minute major and game misconduct he clearly deserved.

The PP that followed was weak. The Zetterberg line created a little bit, but the Bertuzzi line sucked. They stood still and passed the puck around. No movement at all! In the end a shot by Stuart went in for 1-0. The final minor of the 6 minute became a 5-on-3 and the Bertuzzi line again baffled us with their poor play. You can't just move the puck, you have to move around too. Luckily the Z-line did this and Datsyuk scored on a redirect of another beautiful Rafalski shot-pass.

Detroit got another 5-on-3 in the period, but wasted it, mostly because the Bertuzzi line played the tightest little PP formation I've ever seen. I mean, when there's only three opposing players you have a lot of room, but when you all creep thight in on goal like this line did, you make it easy for the defense to cut the passing- and shooting lanes. Weak. So the period ended 2-0 Detroit, thanks to bad PP by Detroit (they really should have put them away with one or two more) and good PK by the Habs.

The second frame was a tight affair with few chances and a lot of play in the neutral zone. Detroit controlled the tempo and the period was bland and uneventful.

The third period opened with a Leino turnover which led to a goal by Cammaleri. Maybe Howard should've had that one, but it was a good shot. The next 7-8 minutes the Habs dominated and had a few chances. The Wings struggled getting it out of their zone and got no extended time in the offensive zone. A dump in that Nick handled badly (he and Lebda misunderstood each other and Nick threw it around) ended on a Hab stick. Pass to Cammaleri, 2-2. The rest of the period was tight, both teams had chances, but the Wings were the closest to the win. Same goes for overtime.

In the shootout Dats and Z scored beautifully and the Habs missed their two attempts.

What I didn't like
- Nick's worst game ever? (still pretty decent game though)
- The PP
- bertuzzi (I really wanna like him, but he sucks right now. Wanna try Helm with Pasha?)
- That they let up
- That the refs didn't dare penalize the Habs much after the first
- The Laraque kneeing
- Laraque's face (btw I forgot "Ribeiro's stupid attempt on a 'stache" on the Stars not-like list)

What I liked
-Solid Howard
- Good third line
- Pasha was great
- Z's effort
- Stuart and Rafalski great offensively

Play of the game
Rafalski's shot pass that Datsyuk tipped in. I think the same play, just from the other side of the net, got the play of the game honours in my Ducks review. These guys rule at that play and I'm lovin' it!

Player of the game
Pavel Datsyuk

Opponent of the game
Mike Cammaleri

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