Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wings crush Blue Jackets

Wow, holy frickin Hristo Stoichkov (Bulgarian football-legend (real association football I mean)) what a game.

Hristo Stoichkov, Bulgarian football-legend whos first name means Christ

It's really nice to see the Wings blow out someone like that.

9-1, NINE - ONE, I can barely believe it, and the game looked pretty good too... As this is the first game I really review here I guess I'll have to make some kind of blueprint... hmm.. here we go.

The Red Wings ran off to a fast 3-0 lead, which chased Steve Mason from the net. At the end of the first period the score was 4-0 and Steve Mason was back in the net for the second period. Detroit slept a little in the first half of the middle stanza and let the Blue Jackets in a bit more, but they only capitalized once on a goal by Rick Nash. Detroit answered with two fast goals. In the third the game was a little slower, but Kronwall found time to put his second PP goal of the night and Abbie netted two himself.

Why did it go like that?
The Wings came out playing hard, clearly attempting to get a good start for Jimmy Howard. They pressured the BJ's defensemen all night long and the great forechecking led to turnover after turnover that the Wings managed to capitalize on (anyone else laugh at how the league only credited the BJs with 1 turnover in each of the first two periods?). To me it seemed like the BJs were out of it, while the Wings showed up, every damn one of them.

Stuff I disliked
- Howard still gives too many rebounds
- Still too many turnovers
- Brad May got his ass kicked
- How in God's name did Big Bert miss that chance? It's amazing that he actually managed to miss it, he had so much time and space and Mason was totally disoriented. He should've dragged it an inch back and taken some time, instead of whacking at it.

Stuff I liked
- Offense!
- Our big guys showed up! Both Z and Dats had good games and did their job
- The third line - amazing hustle.
- Seven guys scored goals!
- Everyone contributed (everyone was +1 or +2 and only 3-4 guys didn't get points)
- The fore-check was amazing
- Dats, Leino, Abbie and Bert all really needed a goal and got one (2 for Abbie)
- Nick got a lot of rest

Play of the game
Tempting to say Leino's beautiful goal, but I'm actually gonna go with Datsyuk's amazing pass to Bertuzzi when he scored.

Player of the game
Pavel Datsyuk was everywhere and dominated

Opponent of the game
Well, they kinda all sucked, so Boll, since he at least won a fight

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