Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wings fall to Flames

I'm a little late on this one, but I didn't get to see it until late last night. So, just gonna mention a few thoughts about it:
- Shutout again, the Wings looked desperate when shooting
- Lidstrom was a -3, scary
- 2 of the Flames goals were results of Wings not really being agressive enough, the last one was just weird
- The Cleary goal was good. In no way did he interfer with the Kipper. That's just BS!
- The 2nd Cleary goal was blown off BEFORE the puck went in (for a change), but I doubt it would've gone any other way if it wasn't because everyone kept playing. My problem here is that the puck was never frozen
- It seems like the NHL refs need to get laid. That's my theory
- Also, if the first disallowed goal had happened to a team that doesn't include Homer and another player than Homer had been squashed by the goalie in front of the net a little later, it would've been a goal and a penalty
- All in all Homer got a lot of shit during this game
- At the end of it I wanted to die
- I have a habit of watching On the fly every night (well, the one from the night before, because of the time difference) and I got so sad seeing everyone else scoring tons of goals.

Play of the game
The referee's nice hand movements after Cleary scored

Player of the Game
Kipprusoff. I've had enough of giving this title to the opposing goalie, but again, I kinda had to

Wing of the game
Helm, imagine if he could score too

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