Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wings get shutout by Thrashers

Yep, that's how I feel right now. This is getting ridiculous! Anyway, I was really not gonna dignify this game with a long post, but as I have finally decided on a post-game format I guess I'll have to. But I'll keep it short

Recap (yet again including so called analysis)
The game started out pretty evenly with both teams working hard, but after a couple of minutes the Wings took over. They barraged the net with shots and had a couple of great chances. They seemed to get much more off the rush than in the last few games and were also better at getting the puck out of their zone than earlier (exception, Ericsson who just threw the ouck softly, along the ice when he was trying to clear on the PK). But what does that help. After several great Wings chances Thrashers get a chance and scores. And this goal was a direct result of several errors:
1. Brad Stuart tried to poke the puck down with his stick. If he instead had taken it down with his hand or gotten in position and let Kozlov get vulnerable taking down the puck, the play wouldn't have happened.
2. Ericsson goes for Kozlov, doesn't take the puck, nor the body and gets himself placed in a position where he can do nothing
3. Leino didn't take Antropov and seemed like he was gliding in after him. Weak
4. Could Howard have done a Rinne style poke-check? maybe not...

After this the Wings continued to barrage the net with pucks and had to PP-chances where they produced a lot, but Pavelec stood on his head, and the Thrashers blocked a lot of shots.

The two last periods weren't that dominant, but the Wings were still the better team. They just couldn't seem to score. The only time the Thrashers had sustained offense time was during their 3 second period PPs. at the end of the 2nd a good pass sprung Kozlov and he scored. Howard maybe could've kept his stick-blade in front of the five hole, but it was a hard play, so I don't blame him.

Thoughts and notes
- Not even the eurotwins can score together right now
- Is Homer injured or something. he's kinda dozed off
- I love Helm, but he has too many turnovers
- It can't be just hot goalies and shotblockers. The Wings need shooting practice
- I miss Franzen
- Leino was a bit better today and even bertuzzi had a couple of nice plays, but mostly big Bert was as useless as a dick-flavoured lollipop.
- Dumb penalties
-T.J. Hensick is on waivers. CLAIM HIM!

Play of the game
Pasha's chip over the goal. When that works some day I'm gonna pee myself

Player of the game
I was so ready for giving it to someone not a goalie, but Pavelec gets it

Wing of the game
That's a hard one. I actually liked Abbie a lot last night

For those of you who are as frustrated as me, here's some help:

I thought that I'd incorporate my other big interest, music into this blog, and recommend a song in each post. So...

Now go listen to Alice in Chains - Black give way to blue, because it's a sad song that fits our mood, and it's also a great tribute to the late Layne Staley.


  1. "Big Bert was as useful as a dick-flavoured lollipop." Love it! And so true. Oh, and I used the stress reliever graphic, and now I need a new monitor.

  2. Yeah. I actually really want to like the guy and want to give him every chance to impress me. But he's just been terrible.

    I think the stress reliever was meant to be printed out before use...