Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wings lose to Nashville

Would you let this guy into your TV studio?

I've decided to reorganize my game reviews, so here's a new look game review. I've also decided to keep a notepad with me when I watch games, so I can write my thoughts down. I have already forgotten half of what I thought about this one..

Why did it go like that (Nashville winning 3-1)? (Now including hints of the old recap section)
Well, the Wings actually came out pretty hard and played well out of the gate. They seemed to skate well and do their jobs. Nashville did the same, and the game was pretty even for the first few minutes, though Nashville had the best chances, making Ozzie stand on his head. The Bertuzzi took his first of two ridiculous offensive zone penalties and the Wings had to play PK. Preds scored and the Wings lost their momentum. This was repeated on a stupid Holmström penalty in the 2nd period. The reason that the Wings let in those goals is that the PK was abyssmal early in the game. The Wings weren't agressive enough and let the Predators play around them. On the first goal there were 4 Wings against Arnott and noone had the presence of mind to just go to his body and take him out. Also, the Wings struggled getting the puck out of the zone when they got it. Luckily this changed and the last PKs were fantastic.

The Wings played horrible from the first Preds goal up until they scored themselves. They struggled getting the puck out of the zone (they really struggle with that this year), turnover the puck and didn't get to any good chances.
They were in part victims of a stellar Predators team who checked hard, skated, beat the Wings to every puck and won the battles. But fact is, the Wings didn't show up, didn't have the effort.

Then at last Mighty Mike changed up the lines, Drew Miller got time with Z and Cleary and BAM! He scored! Great effort, great goal.

After that the Wings owned the game. They pushed and pushed, but they let off too many bad shots and Pekka Rinne stood on his head. The third period was one of those you know how is gonna end. The Wings deserve 4-5 goals, but the opposition has a great goalie and instead they score. Well, well, if it wasn't for Ozzie, the Wings would've been down by 5 goals at that time anyway.

Random thoughts (Incorporating likes and dislikes
- Ericsson didn't make many mistakes today. Nick must be a good influence
- And God, that raid and then the great play without his stick, E's best game in a long time
- Meech was pretty invisible
- Osgood was frickin awesome. Playoff class in his play
- Webber and Suter are pretty good
- Todd Bertuzzi is useless. USELESS! Put him on the 4th line or something. He shoots random shots and spins and turns the puck over. He obviously lacks both confidence and speed on his skates
- McCarty did good as an analyst. Get him as a colour guy now!
- Datsyuk seems lost in his horrible line
- Not even Zetterberg can shake off 3 predators on his back
- Drew Miller had a great game over all, and I love how he always CREATES chances for himself. He doesn't get them served (like Bertuzzi does), he works for them and makes them.
- The crowd was loud, but the idiot with the hat shows that Bubba is still Bubba
- The guy with the whistle should be shot and so should Tootoo, just because it blows for him
- I really miss Franzen and Kronwall, Filpula too, but I think Leino misses him more
- Leino's another guy who needs confidence, he was good on the fourth line though
- If Darren Helm knew how to score and how to not make turnovers on his own blue line he'd be an all star

As I said I forgot half the stuff I thought. Damn.

Play of the game
Drew Millers goal. That's how you WORK!

Player of the game
Pekka Rinne. I was considering Suter or Erat, but Rinne was the best guy out there.

Wing of the game
Osgood. Best I've seen him this year

And here courtesy of me is an alternative shake up of the offensive lines:
Cleary - Z - Miller
Homer - Dats - Helm
Eaves - Draper - Bertuzzi
May/Maltby - Abbie - Leino

I think that should be tried, at least for a period (hate to break up the third line, but Datsyuk needs someone who gets noticed and opposition respects Helmer's speed).

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