Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bertuzzi beats Bubba. Faux yes! Live blog and analysis

Period 1:
18:30: Tootoo's out on the ice. I hate those whistles.
17:02: First Wing PP begins. How's it gonna go tonight?
15:34: Ozzie has to make a great PP save.
15:10: Eaves gets a shot saved on the line by Hamhuis on a rebound from a nice Bertuzzi play.
14:19: Lids gets a penalty. What?
12:19: Great kill!
11:48: Another Wings penalty. On May for interference.
09:48: Another good agressive kill.
09:00: 11 minutes with Fox Sports Bubba broadcasters have made my hatred for the Preds grow tenfold.
07:20: Some good chances for the Pasha, Bert, Homer line.
06:43: Tootoo hurt? Yay, no more whistles!
06:00: Worst country music on a commercial ever.
05:37: Good save Nick, after Bert blew a tire in his own zone.
04:47: Weber takes his second penalty. Leino made that out of hard work.
04:22: Rinne robs Z. Excellent Datsyuk feed.
02:10: Weber hits Draper in the back of his head. Blind refs make no call.

1st period recap:
The Wings were the best team and dominated the shots 14-5 in a period that went back and forth. The period was coloured by the four penalties dished out by a crew of refs who gave out a couple of cheap ones on Detroit players. Ozzie was good, especially on the Nashville surge towards the end of the period.

Period 2:
20:00: Tootoo is out of the game with an ankle injury after taking a shot off his ankle. That means no more train flutes. That means: YAY!
18:49: Bertuzzi gets sprung by Miller, makes a sweet spin move and backhands it into the net. Excellence!
17:00: FSN credits Huselius with the assist on the goal.
16:04: Stuart takes a shot in the foot. Please, be healthy!
15:46: Now Helm is hurt. High sticked on a follow through on a shot. As far as I know that is a penalty. FSN commentators begs to differ.
15:00: Except for the goal by Tuzzi, Nash has dominated the first five.
14:16: Stuart has been back on the ice. Thank God. I think Helm's better too.
10:47: Wings are a bit better now, but Ozzie just had to make a huge save. Hornquist comes after Abbie in a scrum.
08:23: After a period of Nash pressure, Dats gets a 2-on1 with Miller. Dats backhands it off the crossbar and Miller bats it in. Nashville crying over a non call for something. Ref calls the war room for something. Goal.
06:59: After a long delayed penalty call Bert gets 2 for slashing.
06:59: Someone at A2Y claims Z got kneed by Weber, but he's been on the ice after that, so...
05:16: A tip in ends the Wings' PK streak. Someone tipped it in. Legwand or Jones.
03:54: Good save on a Bertuzzi shot. Did the Wings wake up?
03:03: Nah, two good Nash chances followed.
00:45: Two great saves by Ozzie.
00:36: A commercial break with 36 seconds left? You're kidding me!
00:00 Period ends with a few good Wings chances. Still great that the period is over.

2nd period recap:
The Predators owned this one and won the shots 19 to 8. They had a lot of sustained zone time thanks to good play and the Wings being unable to clear and playing too passive. The Wings score on two counter-attacks. I have looked for them to score more off the rush all year, so I'll take that. Towards the end Nashville got the goal they deserved on a PP. Ozzie couldn't be faulted for that. The Wings need to wake up for the 3rd.

Period 3:
20:00: Seems like Weber will start with a 2 min penalty for roughing up Draper. Violent stuff. May needs to fight the goon. Now, or well, at about 18:00.
19:28: Z has a good chance after a nice play by Bertuzzi.
18:34: Rinne robs Abdelkader on a breakaway.
18:00: The penalty is over. We need better 5 on 5 this period. And May needs to kick Weber's arse.
16:48: May collides with Barney Stinson. No call. Good call.
16:02: Leino really needs to take another half step on each wrap around attempt.
15:15: Legwand scores on a weird, broken play. Bad coverage Meech and Lebda.
14:33: Erat takes two for hooking. The PP needs to produce and get the Wings a new lead.
12:33: Nope.
09:30: Ozzie makes a stop on a flying stick blade.
08:46: A lot of Wings chances after Bertuzzi smoooked Hamhuis.
07:49: Ozzie has to step up with another big save, after a fumbled play in the Wings zone.
07:13: After Jones attacked Ericsson a lot, Legwand high sticks his team mate. Luckily a ref sees this and the penalty is called off.
05:45: Jones runs Ozzie down. Penalty is called. The arena formerly known as SoGay plays Bubba PP music. WTF? Preds get the PP... for... what?... Maltby softly pushing Jones into Ozzie. Weeaak call.
03:45: Killed. Puuh.
01:41: Nice save Ozzie
00:00: A point at least.

3rd period:
The Wings were better, but Nashville still dominated and were rewarded with a goal. They won the shots 11-6. Most of the Wings pressure came on the PP.

04:36: Bertuzzi gets sprung and scores on the breakaway. YAY!

Overtime recap
Bertuzzi scored. Wings win

General thoughts:
- Against the Ducks Perry got to elbow Leino and attack Abbie. In this game Weber went after everyone. May needs to drop his gloves soon.
-I really hate Shae Weber
-The Wings need more conctistency, better ways to get out of the zone and more agressive play in their own zone. They also need more shot blocking.
-Yet again Datsyuk mixed good stuff, with stuff that is, well, below his usual levels, but he was better tonight and won more battles. He also got two assists.
-Nick promised a goal. He played decent defense, but didn't score.
-Bertuzzi had a great game. Again. Change that to great, no excellent.
-I like Baroque's suggestion that the Wings' impotent PP should be sponsored by Viagra.
-The Wings looked really tired tonight.

Play of the game
Bertuzzi's spin-o-rama goal

Player of the game
I was gonna say Miller, but it has to be Tuzzi for the second night in a row. I am starting to like him.

Bubba of the game
Marcel Goc was a constant pain.

Good night everyone


  1. For me the constant pain was seeing various Bubbas *cough*sheawebber*cough* get away with punching, kicking, and cross-checking Wings all over the ice. Yeah, they got called a few times, but not even for 50% of what they pulled.

    It was like they were doing their impression of Anaheim...

  2. absolutely. That was quite bad, and I don't see how Weber didn't get a 10 minute or something. And as stated above, I am really disappoiinted in May for not fighting him