Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BJs recap, yet again

The first minutes were pretty much back and forth. Then after five mins Flip got a weak hooking minor. Howard came up with some huge saves and the Wings killed it off. Then there was a 4-on-4 after Dats got a roughing penalty for being retaliated against. And then the Wings got a delay of game PP. Neither the 4-on-3 or 5-on-4 gave much joy, but at least the Wings seemed to have gotten a jump out of the gate. The BJs took over a bit after that, but had no huge chances. With 5 mintues left Boll smoked Rafa and May actually decided to do his job! He went after Boll (who kicked his ass in the 9-1 game) and won the fight with some absolute mean hooks. Great job Brad! That's why you're playing. And then the guys got fired up a bit and the hitting started. The period ended 0-0. The Jackets were the best team.

Early in the second Nash got 2 for cross-checking. The PP sucked, but the 'vettes line got some good chances right after it. After that the BJs had a period of much pressure. Then Doug Janik got into a fight with Picard and lost, but at least he was off the ice for the next five minutes. After that the Wings picked it up a bit and Abbie had a great chance after Ritola made a great play which also drew a PP. They got a few chances, but didn't score. Then with 43 secs left of it, the Wings got a 5-on-3. It had a few chances, but lacked movement and forward involvement and it got killed off for 1 min+ of normal PP. That PP actually had some great chances by the 2nd PP unit. After that the play went back and forth for a while with no big chances. Then the BJs got a PP. They had some great chances on and after it, but the Wings held on. Jimmah was awesome! With 40 seconds left the Wings got a rare chance and Mason robbed Homer! The last seconds saw a few more good Wings chances. The period ended 0-0. The Wings were at times great and at times horrible. Need a better third period.

The third started with a good BJ-chance. Jimmah huge again. They continued with further bombardement. Then it evened up a bit, but the BJs still had the best chances. Then the Wings got some jump and had the best chances, including a big one by Ritola. Then the Jackets had some pressure again. Then Bert got a BS delay of game call. i think it touched something, can't be sure though thanks to Versus's lack of replays. The PK was amazing. They moved their feet and did a great job. Beautifully killed off. After that the Wings had the best chances, but the period ended 0-0. Overtime ensued.

The overtime saw some Wings domination, but also a few BJ-chances. Then the BJs got a rebound and ended the losing streak. I'll take the point in a game where the Wings were kinda weak. But fuck!

- Edzo for the second time in less than a week is too much!
- The Jackets made a trade tonight. Seems good for both teams.
- "Rafalski, the eleventh year pro..." So you think he made no money in Europe? Even in Norway foreign players are mostly playing pro you douchebag.
- The Jackest outhit the wings. Badly.
- I had some Twitter fun with Adrian Dater (@adater). Everyone should try it :P
- Steve Mason was amazing (I wanted to write A-mason, but it was too cheap).
- I think my first recap was the 9-1 win. Can't be arsed to check.

Keys to the game
- We need a better first period!
Did get a better one, but not as good as needed. The Jackets were the best team in it.

- Will Filppula continue his strong play?
He was pretty good. Nothing amazing, but solid.

- How will he mesh with Ritola?
Ritola looked good as well. I'd take ten of him over Leino. I'd like to see him on the 2nd line instead of Malts though.

- Can Howard have another great one?
Faux yes. He saved the game tens of times for the Wings.

- Can Bertuzzi give us even more pleasure?
Not in terms of goals.

- How about the rest of the first line?
Not really.

- Can Nick finally score?

Play of the game
Brad May's huge swing at Boll.

Wing of the game
Jimmy Howard. Frickin amazing game. He saved them tons of times.

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