Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blackhawks pregame and more

Edit number 2: Just stumbled upon this cool new blog called Detroit Red Wings Prospects. Looks exciting, so check it out!

Edit: Kindl is recalled from GR, so it seems like Rafa won't go, and that's just excellent, yeah excellent.

Yeah, yeah, I'll get to the pre-game, but first there are some other things to discuss:

The Contest winner
I asked you guys to tell me how much you hated the Hawks, and I got a couple of great answers. My favourite was nurse nitz who wrote:
Been reading your blog for a while now - AWESOME by the way. But of course, it's hatred for the Hawks that has me coming to post here... I HATE the Hawks so much that I had to commit the cardinal sin against the Red Wings earlier this month. Yes, rooting for the Penguins. When they played the Blackhawks, of course. It made me nauseous, sick, and very disappointed in myself, but I did it. I hoped that Fleury would get a shut-out, that Crysbaby would score a hat trick to sent Huet crying, and that in an eerily similar move to Franzen's playoff move last year, Malkin would decide to take offense to Kane's mouthguard and pull it out of his mouth and throw it onto the ice. Would it have been easier to just wish for an earthquake and for the entire United Center to just collapse upon itself? Sure... But considering how the hockey gods have been treating us this season, I didn't think we'd get that lucky. Can't wait to taunt Hossa & the Hawks at tomorrow night's game.

I admire hatred that is big enough to make you commit a sin that big. So Nurse, you have won the right to choose an (at least slightly) Red Wings-related topic that I will write a blog post about.

The Obstructed View
The great Red Wings podcast just released it's second episode, which is their most hilarious one yet. Definitely a lot of insight, but most of all hilarious. Listen to it at The Obstructed View.
In this weeks episode host Chris from Motown Wings and his producer Brian have with them the incomparable cast of Chief from A2Y, Malik from Snapshots and Jessie from Bingo Bango. And they all rock. Chief speaks like a machine gun, and sounds kinda like that cool, kinda younger, uncle you wished you have. Malik sounds like a crazy genious, kinda like your crazy, older uncle. And Jessie sounds like your cool, older cousin. Either that and the girl you should marry (for readers in Alabama replace or with and).

As I wrote about the Hawks earlier this week, the preview will be short and sweet:

Hawks news
Since the Wings game they have played one game, a 3-2 home loss to the Sharks. They're still ugly and I still hate them.

Wings news
We still have 8 injuries (but Val will be back on saturday!), but we might also miss Rafalski, who is sick and missed the morning skate. He is a game time decision.
Mattias Ritola replaces Kris Newbury and hopefully he can take less penalties and provide som offensive skill.
Howard will probably go in net, and I just wanna say that I want revenge! I want the Wings to win this. At the same time I agree with the Chief in that Chicago can build themselves up as much as they want now, we'll see who laughs when we've got a full roster.

We're kinda freshening up the house for xmas, so I have to go now. Merry Christmas folks!


  1. Woohoo! I can't believe I won ;) I never win anything! First, I just want to apologize that it's taken so long for me to respond. After our second loss to Chicago, it sent me into a depression where I just couldn't stand to read anything about the Chicago games for a few days. Then Christmas came and my day job, as you guessed it, a nurse, got in the way of things. But enough about excuses! I've been thinking really hard about what I'd want to see a blog about... it's not really Red Wings-specific exactly, but I'd love to know what your opinion is.

    I'd love to know: If you could take Gary Bettman's job for a day, what would you change about the game of hockey? Besides sending him on a one way trip to Antarctica where he'd never be heard from again. Or if you want to be more Wings specific, if you could take Kenny Holland's job for a day, what would you do? I hear the North American's perspective all the time, but I'd love to hear a European's perspective on the matter.

    And by the way, my hatred for Chicago has doubled after experiencing one of their idiotic fans up close and personal in the nosebleed seats at the game on the 23rd. He basically did what most Chicago fans do: spent more time trashing on Detroit than cheering for his own stupid team. He was rude, obnoxious, and it took my cousin (who happens to be "saraneuie" who also entered your contest) everything to hold me back from taking a slug at the guy. But then I remembered I was a Detroit fan, and therefore, classier than that. And by the way he was holding his beer & talking...well, I wouldn't be surprised if he liked Chicago because I'm told that Kane is pretty... Personally, I think he's a troll, but then again, all Chicago players are trolls. But my point is, I hate Chicago. And I can't wait til we get Cleary, Kronner & Z back so we can beat the crap out of them next time we meet...

  2. yeah, that sounds like a great topic. Will have a go at it when I find time.

    Nice, Chicago fans are idiots. Hating them feels so well. I am looking forward to 1st vs 8th against them in the playoffs. It's gonna be a sweep