Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blues live blog

Here we go:

Period one:
20:00: Wings in white. WTF?
19:15: Conks robs Z and Homer. Nice play!
18:04: Fuck! Boyes scores. Wings run around like headless chicken.
16:59: This stream is not the same quality as the HD caps I usually watch
13:41: Wow, the refs actually got Conklin's blatant trip on Homer. Good work zebras! Also: I hate commercial breaks.
13:16: Weak opening for the Circus PP
12:51: Circus PP goes offside. Timing trouble it seems. Abbie on for the 2nd PP.
12:15: Nice play Meech and Abbie. Good save Conks
11:45: I «like» the Blues PP. Aggressive and good. Annoying.
09:59: Just like the commercials.
09:28: Lebda's got wheels. Good chance Abbie.
08:30: What's Steen's problem with Pasha?
06:48: Nice pla Helm for Lids!
06:16: Big Ber fucks up, but STL get penalized, for what exactly?
04:16: Good PK Blues/Messy PP Wings.
03:41: When was the last Blues chance?
03:30: Prediction: May vs. Winchester later.
02:20: The Blues have pressure now.
01:37: Nice play circus line. Nicer save Conks.
01:07: Arby's three play when Wings are goal-less, yet again. I want a tin-foil-hat.
00:00: 13-4 Wings in shots. Good period, but once again under. Bollocks!

Intermission: Call me weird, but toasted bread with butter and tomato is the shiznit

Period two:
19:38: Mick is right. Blues match like crazy
18:39: Weak start Wings. E gets 2 for interference. Cheap call!
16:39: Decent PK Wings.
15:15: Good pressure Circus line
14:41: Lebda speared. No penalty
12:38: May cut. No penalty. Give me a tin foil hat
12:00 Penalty on Wings. I have feed trouble
10:05: Bertuzzi/Rafalski scores. Intent to blow. Feed throws me off. Repeatedly. Okay, that's not the worst non-goal call in history.
07:54: Blues get called for pushing the net off.
06:57: Darsyuk mutilated from behind. Boarding penalty. No goals on the 5-on-3.
06:15: Crossbar for Lids
03:00 The last ten minutes the stream has fucked me because of «no pro account» and «too many users in your country using the stream». Yeah right, I am probably the only Norwegian watching. Fuck you! If it's not better by the start of the third, I go to bed and watch the rest tomorrow.
01:40: Lids go for interference.
00:30: Some nerd on the stream says Eaves always has a bad game. Moron.
00:00: Let's hope the feed and the Wings are better in the third.

Period three:
19:00 Baroque's link fixed it. Me st00pid for not realizing before.
17:40: May almost scored on a wrap around. A few good follow up chances.
15:25: Eaves mauled in front of the net. Wings PP coming.
15:13: Another post for Nick.
13:10: Bertuzzi close on a tip
11:40: Nice crowd shot. Looking for girl who tries to steal a Zamboni-toy from a kid. Can't see any.
11:10: Bertuzzi fires a bomb wide.
09:30: Mad scramble. Close for the Red 'vettes line.
09:30: American commercials might be even worse than the Norwegian ones. Geez.
08:24: Helm falls on his face for no reason.
07:30: The Wings forecheck well, but on the other hand the Blues clear all rebounds.
06:14: Both Circus and the 2nd line have been decent, but they need better finishing.
05:15: A few Wings chances, but too poor shooting.
04:55 PP Wings for goalie interference. Cleary hurt?
02:43: Blues 2-on-1. Good save Howard. Big brawl, Gator only penalty. This is over guys.
00:41: 5-on-5
00:00 Wings shoot like twice as many shots, but lose. Epic fail. And I lost my sleep for this!

Player of the game/span>
Ty Conklin. Another hot backup. Damn

Wing of the game
Z battled

Good night

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