Thursday, December 10, 2009

Buckets is down!

Dan Cleary got hurt with an upper body injury durin the last minutes of the Blues game and will be re-evaluated today. Kenny thinks he might be out for a while. More info on Abel to Yzerman and Snapshots.

In other news a 21 year old Norwegian drank himself to death today, leaving a jumbled note mentioning something about no luck, injuries, Mules and hot backups. As of now the police have found no meaning to this. (Honestly though, I'm sober cause I have to work in a few hours. Which makes the pain even worse).

I demand that Kenny goes out and does some magic right now! Like trading Bertuzzi for Kovalchuck or inventing his own goal scorer. Just something. And fast! I can't stand the thought of Leino back on the team.

This pretty much sums up my feelings right now:

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  1. Ooops, seems like I chose a version where James fucks up the lyrics. Oh well.. Still a good song