Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dallas Recap

This will be short and sweet as I'm watchin' the game with my little brother.

The first period started with some Stars pressure and they had a few chances on the PP. Then after a May vs. Barch fight that served no purpose Detroit took over, got energy, and even though their PP was whisky dick, they got a goal after a good solo run by big Bert ended in a rebound that Homer pushed in. Great work by Bert, and good hustle by Dats and Homer to get in on the rebound.

In the second the Stars came out harder and got the 1-1 goal on a play where Stuart dropped his coverage. Then they took the lead on a play where Bertuzzi totally screwed up and din't take out his man even though Rafalski was pointing for him and screaming. But Bert redeemed himself with a great pass which Dats (might have) tipped in. Then a blocke long shot ended up on a Dallas stick. 3-2. But Datsyuk, the most dominant player of the period, found Bertuzzi in front of the goal and it was 3-3.

The Stars scored early in the third on a play where Brett Lebda managed to be out of position 3 times in 5 seconds. The rest of the period the Wings were trying, but couldn't do it. This was a game the Wings should have won, but fucked up.

I would also like to thank the zebra's for their contributions. Thanks Gary. Ass.

I'm skipping this section tonight because I have less focus on the game and less focus on writing.

Keys to the game
Can Bertuzzi keep up his scoring and give me another opportunity to bother Petrella on Twitter?
Yep, goal, 2 assists and a big screw up.

Can Nick finally get a goal?
He had a good game, but no goals sadly.

How about Pasha? With all the other top forwards out the Wings really need him to step up bigtime. He's looked better lately and hopefully he can transform that into goals. Pasha was excellent. He dominated the play from end to end and was clearly the best player on the ice. And he scored!

Who will get injured?
Noone fortunately

Kris Newbury was silent during the Bolts game. Can he do something to entertain us tonight?

Will we see the Eaves wrister again tonight? If he emerged as a scorer now it would really help. Same goes for Miller.
Nope, but both guys had a great game, fighting hard, killing penalties and grinding down the Stars.

Will Brad May get revenge for the other goal that wasn't?
Nope, but he had a fight.

Will Doug Janik finally do something to make me notice him?
nah, he was silently and safely good yet again.

Can Jimmah build on his shutout and have another nice game?
Jimmy had a good game. He made some great saves and none of the goals were his fault.

Play of the game
The third Detroit goal where Dats held the puck and then served Bert on a silver platter. Bon appetit.

Player of the game
Pasha. Finally he returned to true dominance.

Sorry for the bad recap, but I didn't have much time or focus.


  1. I'm totally bummed I missed Pasha's goal, especially after waiting for it so long. But I'm stunned and ecstatic that we made it through a game without injury. Woohoo!

  2. Pssh. Don't apologize for not performing up to your lofty standards - it's a free public service you provide, and if someone doesn't like it, they can just STFU. :)

    I am far more happy that no one else was injured than I am disappointed the Wings lost. Happiest of all that Datsyuk was playing out of his mind awesome.

  3. Christine: Well, it wasn't much you missed. I am still not sure if he actually scored it or not. He might have touched it, but it didn't change direction.

    Baroque: Hehe, true... Dats was awesome last night, but the game brings up some disturbing thoughts about offensive production

  4. ... but the game brings up some disturbing thoughts about offensive production

    Yes, like the thought that it's almost all injured for a couple more weeks yet. :(

  5. Yap. I'm trying to gather my thoughts in a new post that I'll post in a few minutes time