Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dallas Stars pregame

No, that's not a new Stars third jersey, but the jersey of the Norwegian team Manglerud Star which I played on my whole career. Still don't like Dallas though
Tonight's game against Dallas marks the end of a three in a row against the teams that are struggling the most financially in the NHL. It's also a game that would be nice to win, seeing as it would be nice to have the momentum of a five game win-streak going into United Center tomorrow night. Dallas is a team that's hard to play against and the Wings will need to be sharp all night long and not drift off now and then, like they seemed to do in the Tampa game. The Wings have played the Stars twice at home this year. The first time they lost 3-1 in the game we all remember for Dennis LaRue. Wings won the second one.

The record
The Stars are currently in 10th place in the West with 39 points and a record of 14-11-9. They are 2 points back of the last playoff spot (Red Wings). They are 2-1-4 in December though and haven't won in 3 games.

The goalie
Marty Turco will go tonight. As we all know, we own him. Not as hard at the AAA as at the Joe, but still pretty hard. This season he has played 25 games with a record of 10-7-8, a GAA of 2.59 and a save percentage of .912. He also has an assist and two penalty minutes.

The Players
The Stars top point producer is Brad Richards with 37 points followed by Loui Eriksson (30), Mike Ribeiro (who's face and attempt at a stache I hate) (28), James Neal (27), Brendan Morrow (23) and Stephane Robidas (22). Their top goalscorers are Neal with 14, followed by Morrow (13), Eriksson (11) and Richards (10). Their top plus/minus-guys are Fistric and Grossman (+6), Eriksson and Sutherby (+5). On the bottom we find Steve Ott (-11), Matt Niskanen (-10) and Karlis Skrastins (who's named Ken and Mick can't pronounce) (-8).

The Wings lineup

The same normal defensemen (Lids, Rafa, Janik, Meech, Lebda, Stuart) and Howard in goal.

The Wings
In the absense of Z the rest of the core players will really need to step up. Here's what I will be looking for:
- Can Bertuzzi keep up his scoring and give me another opportunity to bother Petrella on Twitter? I have promised him that if Bertuzzi score less than 20 this year I will do an acoustic guitar + vocals cover of the Bertuzzi song, so it'd be nice if Bert hit 20. We don't know what Michael's side of the bet will be, so if you have ideas please tell us!
- Can Nick finally get a goal? It looks like he desperately wants one.
- How about Pasha? With all the other top forwards out the Wings really need him to step up bigtime. He's looked better lately and hopefully he can transform that into goals.
- Who will get injured?
- Kris Newbury was silent during the Bolts game. Can he do something to entertain us tonight?
- Will we see the Eaves wrister again tonight? If he emerged as a scorer now it would really help. Same goes for Miller.
- Will Brad May get revenge for the other goal that wasn't?
- Will Doug Janik finally do something to make me notice him?
- Can Jimmah build on his shutout and have another nice game?

2-1 Wings

Other stuff
- This game is actually a 9 pm start over here, so I won't have to stay up all night.
- I cut my hair yesterday and for the first time in 5-6 years I don't have long hair. I look frickin amazing. Hot as hell! During my time as a fan with short hair (95-03) the Wings won 33% of the cups. With long hair (04-09) they won 20%. Hopefully my shorter hair gives them back their mojo.
- I would like you all to vote on my new poll on how the season will end (right under the pictures I think). If any of your friends are Blues or Hawks fans, make them vote too!


  1. BRING THE IDEAS! I'm looking forward to hearing that song, since I'm CERTAIN Todd Bertuzzi can't net 20 if the rest of the season is played with an empty net at the other end.

    Good call on Brad May. I expect him to net seven to make up for the one they called back two Stars games ago...maybe eight.

  2. Hehe, I kinda wanna record it too. Just need to find the chords really :P

    I expect 10 goals from him tonight