Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Darren McCarty retires

So, it's official. Darren McCarty has retired. I really thought he had done that already, but okay, I'll honour him now.

Darren McCarty was the guy who, night after night, went out and gave everything for the Red Wings. He was the guy who was willing to bleed for the Winged Wheel. I can't really say that I've ever seen such passion in another hockey player, he'd hit, fight and grind and now and then come up with some gorgeous plays. And for that I love him. He will always be one of my favourite players. He also had a knack for doing those great things when it mattered the most, like in the Stanley Cup final, versus the Avs in the playoffs or in overtime during the Fight Night.

Darren obviously struggled through some shit personally, but he battled his way back through it, and seeing him in the 08 playoffs back in a Wings jersey was truly inspirational.

I can't say that much more about his career (especially seeing that most of the worthwhile things to say have been said at Snapshots and Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle), but here are a few of the moments I will always remember him for:

The brawl at the Fight Night at the Joe:

The goal in the 97 finals game 4:

The hat trick goal against the Avs in 2002:

Thank you for the memories Darren and good luck on Versus!

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