Sunday, December 6, 2009

Devils postgame

I woke up with an extreme hangover and in a shit mood. The first half of the game made my mood even worse, but somehow I ended up kinda excited for a point and a lottery-loss.

My thoughts on the game (hangover version)
- I liked how the refs manage to be in the way for three different Red Wings players during the first five minutes
- Datsyuk was invisible in the game, something which is becoming a scarily usual sight
- Ozzy was great for much of the game. He made some stunning saves, but also let in a weak goal
- Patrick Eaves scared me shitless when he became injured. Good of him to come back with a cage on and have a good game. Anyone else think he just looked 10 years younger with the cage on?
- The first NJ goal was the result of horrible coverage. Attention Homer: Could you please at least try?
- And the second goal was just pure fail from Ozzie
- Is it just me or does the Arby's instant three-play thingy always get shown when the Wings and Tigers are down, and chances are slim for a hat trick/three homers? Conpiracy? I want a new tin foil hat
- Homer's penalty was bogus. Brodeur moved out to draw the penalty, and was out of the crease. Homer's reputation is what got penalized. Thanks Gary. Ass.
- The first goal was great. Helm threw his body around, got the puck and Draper scored on a nice second effort
- Did they play Iron Man on the organ? I think so.
- Parise's crash into the goal was pretty epic. Wonder what he and Ozzie talked about when he came out.
- Bertuzzi actually won a foot race. Tomorrow's other news: The Lions win a game, life is found on Mars and Cory Perry wins the Lady Byng
- Third NJ goal was a shit goal. Horrible Meech turnover.
- Homer's tip in made me smile. I had thought "Damn, Homer's weak today, maybe he's injured" 2 mins before that. Weirdly, that happens every time I question him in my mind. Maybe I should do it more often. And grats to him for his 200 goals
- Mick and Ken where even weirder than usual. Made me remember why I love them.
- Who the hell lets Leino take a shot in the shootout? BTW, that was the worst attempt ever!
- One day when I have time and energy I'm gonna tell you all why shootouts and three point games need to die. Today I'm happy with the point the Wings got though

Play of the game
Brad Stuart's save on the goal line

Player of the game
Patrick Eaves. Just because

Devil of the game
None. What a bland team.

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