Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ducks live blog and recap

Period 1:
19:00: Seems like we got offensive Lebda tonight. Joining the rush already.
18:30: How the hell can the Joe be half empty against the Ducks?
? Live blogging is so much easier when the clock is dead.
? Nice save Howard. And wow his numbers have been good lately.
? Z battles and wins a PP
? I like Abbie on the PP
? Leino also sucks in English. Nice!
09:43: Meech uses 5 seconds to load each shot. That's not gonna work in the NHL.
09:00: Another stupid Bert penalty, even on the PP.
08:34: Murph seems to be leaning on the plexiglass between the benches. New record in wastedness?
08:04: I start anticipatory drinking
06:00 Z draws a lot of penalties tonight
05:44: Weaaak holding call on Homer
05:24: Brett Lebda truly believes he's a forward tonight
04:29: Jimmy makes some awesome saves on a mad scramble. Needs rebound control though.
02:58: Rafa saves a goal.
02:00: Parros crushes Howard and nearly scores. E saves it. Ducks celebrate. Penalty? Goal? What? No goal as far as I see. Ref called a goal? Did the ref call a goal or a penalty? Goal waved off. Parros two for interference. And the whole situation is irrelevant.

1st period recap:
The period started with both teams getting chances. Detroit slowly took over and had quite a few chances. Then, thanks to two stupid penalties on the Detroit PP, which led to 4-on4s and short Anaheim PPs, The Ducks took over. They controlled the end of the period and had good chances, while Detroit had too many giveaways. At the end the Wings had another PP, but just like the others it didn't lead to too much.

Period 2:
20:00: Yet another curly fries thingy when Detroit are goalless. Conspiracy I say, conspiracy!
20:00: 'Sup with losing all the faceoffs?
17:52: Nice wrap around try Helm.
17:00: If Ken says «former teammate» one more time...
15:00: I come up with a great joke about Obama being in Oslo yesterday recieving the Nobel Intent to make Peace Prize.
11:56: Lebda hurts his shoulder, gets caught on ice, Koivu scores.
10:37: Parros takes his second goalie interference PP. He must hate Howard. May wants to fight him.
08:36: The Detroit PP is yet again about as potent as my dead great grandpa.
07:00: After a slow start, Detroit is taking over a bit.
05:35: Meech gets his pocket picked.
05:22: Corey Perry gives Leino a vicious elbow, then Abbie smokes him, then Getzlaf hits Abbie. Perry jumps Abbie and fights him. 5 mins for each. Didn't seem like Abbie fought much though. I wanna smack Perry's face.
05:00: Lebda's back.
04:39: Nice baseball swing from Jiggy, over the glass. 2 mins for delay of game. A scrum ensues. Impotency warning: Now.
03:12: Eaves on the PP for Abbie.
00:55: Howard fumbles an easy puck and directs it into his own net.

2nd Period recap:
The Ducks started the period best and got the most chances, which culminated in their first goal. With the help of a couple of PPs, the Wings took over a bit, but towards the end of the period the Ducks got another goal. A bad one. A really bad one. I am glad I started drinking. At least I am drunk enough to ease the pain.

Period 3:
20:00: When your life in general feels just a little bit shitty, then trust hockey to make it worse.
Me and Murph are at approximately the same levels of drunk right now. No, actually I think I've got an edge on him.
20:00: I hate the amount of commercials on American TV.
18:46: Stuy almost shoots Jiggy's head off
17:43: Leino actually made a nice pass and Homer scored. PP goal!
16:04: May, Miller and Homer on a line? Wow!
15:14: Boynton gets 4 mins for something and Duck-like behaviour (unsportsmanlike conduct)
11:24: Bertuzzi scores off Giguere from behind the net! Wow!
10:13: Detroit promptly takes a penalty
08:55: Z almost gets a shorthanded break after nice play by E and Pasha.
08:13: Penalty killed off. Niedermayer pretended he was Homer for a while there.
03:07: E takes a stupid slashing penalty.
01:07: Penalty killed. Exhale.
00:14: Anaheim takes a penalty, after the Wings pressed on the delayed call for half a minute. Close.
00:08: Datsyuk was really close to deciding this one.

3rd period recap:
Uncle Mike switched up the lines a lot for this one. Detroit had most of the pressure and got rewarded with two goals. The only sustained Ducks pressure was on the PP.

05:00: The Wings will have a 1:46 4-on-3.
03:53: Nice pass by Stuart, perfext shot from up close for Bertuzzi. Wow! Red Wings win!

Overtime recap:
The Wings had the PP and scored on it.

Genreal thoughts:
- The Wings impotency on the PP is amazing. 1 for 9!
Z battled hard like always. He always has a good game
Kris Draper is faster than you. Fact.
Bad goals against are the story of the season
At least the PK worked.

Did the guys I called out perform?
Nick had a decent game, but didn't provide any excellent new offense.
Pasha well dangled a lot, but lost more battles than Hitler during the late stages of WWII.
Leino was actually, um, pretty good.

Play of the game
Bertuzzi's perfect shot.

Player of the game
Todd Bertuzzi. 2 goals and some nice work

Duck of the game
Will never happen

I am a happy drunk now. Goodnight!


  1. They should just probably rename it the Intent to Make Peace Prize whenever it is awarded to anyone in politics. Keep it the Peace Prize for humanitarians only. :)

    And for being worried about your English going to hell when drunk, I didn't see any difference.

    Maybe instead of Belle Tire, Viagra should start sponsoring the power play. Couldn't hurt.

  2. Yeah, I guess that would be smart. I'm not really that against the peace prize for Obama, but not for it either. It's not the best decision they've made, to say the least.

    Well, thanks. Spell check is my friend :P

    Viagra.. yeah, that's the best idea I've heard today

  3. I think the committee chose Obama because they couldn't figure out a way to award the prize to the US Constitution for limiting GW to 2 terms. :-P

  4. hehe that's reason enough for me really. I also think that Torbjørn Jagland (Nobel Commitee leader, ex-Norwegian Prime Minister (huge failage, lasted only a year), ex-Parliament speaker/president, current Secretary-General of the Council of Europe) really wanted to meet Obama and get him to Norway, and this was the only way.

    Having said that, the best argument I've heard for the prize actually came from Michael Moore's wife: If a guy can win an American election and make everyone in the world feel like they won, he has brought the nations closer together and deserves the prize.

    Misunderstand me right (is that expression/failed expression used in English too?), I have supported Obama since the nomination begun, but I disagree with him in a lot of things, and I don't really feel that he is Nobel prize worthy