Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gary's dogs at Wings recap/ Injury bonanza continues

Some guy. Who? Ahhh, Kris Newbury, apparently he scored a goal and took a few penalties against the Coyotes

The first period had barely started when new callup Kris Newbury got a penalty for running the goalie. Straight of the box he went hard towards the net while Kris Draper made a nice play that skipped past Miller's stick and Newbury scored. Talk about redemption. The Wings after that looked a bit sloppy and let Coyotes into the game. But Newbury took charge and got another minor. Eaves scored shorthanded with an amazing snapshot. But in a clean hit Doan's knee hit Ericsson's. He went down and seemed like he won't be back for a loooong time. Shit. The dogs even scored on the play. The Wings had a couple of good PP chances, but the Dogs got the most shots in the period and the Wings had the lead 2-1 after the first.

The second period started with another absurd piece of theatre. Derek Meech took a slapshot from the blue line. It wobbled and fooled Bryzgalov. I have waited for a goal from him for a while, but I thought it'd be on the PP. Right after that Doan took a puck to the ear on the bench and the Wings had a great chance. Then after another period of Wings pressure Brad May almost tipped a shot in. This was a good period of time for the Wings who continued their pressure and got a PP out of it in the end. They didn't capitalize, but kept on pressing. They moved their feet well, worked hard, won battles and got rewarded for it with some chances. At the midway mark of the period the period shots were 13-1 Detroit. The Coyotes took over the last third of the period and were rewarded with a very late goal by Vrbata on a long shot that was deflected. After that they had another good chance, but Howard stopped them. The Wings had the shot in this period 16-7.

The third period started with the play going back and forth. The first big chance came after five minutes after a beautiful Datsyuk feed went to Homer and then to Bert, who didn't score. Nice save Bryzgalov and Dogs took a penalty. The PP resulted in a few chances, but nothing more. Right after it Doan had a breakaway, Howard made a huge save and the Wings took a penalty in the process. The penalty was beautifully killed. After that the game continued swinging back and forth. Phoenix had the best pressure, which was natural seeing as they needed a goal. The Wings weathered off the late storm, took a time out and won the game by their favourite score lately 3-2.


Medically trained fans said it looked bad. It looked bad to me. I have a feeling this was the season for E. And that my friends is a problem. At least until Kronner is back. Aaron Ward is free on waivers. But he's got some bad history in detroit. Cheli might be another option as he is keen to do the job. Or it might be Kindl. I don't know and I plan to drink until it stops worrying me. On a better note, Helm is expected to be back against the Bolts.

Screenshot of the hit. Not for volatile minds

- The Wings switch back and forth between great and sloppy. That makes me crazy
- I cannot take any more injuries now.
- Brad May was horrible in this game. Bad turnovers, no presence, no grit and no fights.
- Where in the world was Leino? He was invisible all game long.
- Kris Newbury did a pretty good job. Better than expected actually.
- I am tired of the Wings letting in goals late in periods. They need to play until the horn goes.
- The PP is still way too impotent and ineffective. The Pk was on the other hand fantastic.

Keys to the game
- The Wings seemed tired during the Nashville game, will they be fresher today? Yes they did.
- The Wings need to ride their win streak and take some confidence out of it by having a good start today. Please show up on time guys, please! The Wings showed up on time and scored after just 4 minutes or something.
- Todd Bertuzzi has 4 goals the last two games. Can he net another one (or two, or curly fries) or at least follow up with some offensive production and continued good effort defensively tonight? He battled good and played decently, but didn't have the bounces offensively and didn't do anything breathtaking. Please don't become bad Todd again!
-The Wings are going to need to break down one of the NHL's premiere goalies tonight. An early, grindish goal would be perfect. The Wings got an early goal, and then another one. And Bryzgalov looked shaky all night. Weird how hot goalies become cold and bad ones good against the Wings huh?
- Will Nick finally score? Have Z and Pasha re-adjusted their aim? On the PP Nick really looked like he wanted one badly, but he didn't score. Z and Pav played well, especially Pav, but they didn't score.

Play of the game
Patrick Eaves' shot on the PK. What a shot! What a goal!

Player of the game
Patrick Eaves. He scored, he battled, he won battles and he looked dangerous all night.

Coyote of the game
I have decided that this category is now dead. Unless an opponent wins player of the game. Vrbata gets the honour of being the last one to win it. Well, at least after two periods when I decided not to do this part anymore. I'm tired and wanna sleep after the game.

Good night everyone. I am tired now.


  1. If Kris Newbury's photo were in black and white, it would look like a 1930s-era American gangster, in the style of John Dillinger or Babyface Nelson.

    Oh, and I suppose I should never complain again about late nights when we play on the West Coast considering you were up until the wee hours of the morning over there watching the game.

  2. Good point, I hadn't thought of that, but yeah.

    I must admit that I went to sleep very early and had an alarm clock set for 30 minutes before the game, but yeah, you guys have nothing to complain about.