Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy new year

Well, I'm sitting, havin' a drink before going out to a new years party. I just wanna thank my 7 and a half readers for their attention and I promise to work on improving the blog in the new year. One of the topics I will discuss is what I'd do if I could replace Lil' Gary or Tick tock (as requested by Nurse Nitz after her hate-contest win).

Tonight is the Avs. The game starts at 1 am here, so I'll be getting wasted at that time. But tomorrow I'll watch it and have some comments on it. From what I know Eaves is out with the flu. So... Let's crush the dive.

Other notes:
- Kyle at Babcock's death stare reports that the Wings are rumoured to be scouting Mats Zuccarello Aasen. That'd be absolutely fantastic IMO. Let's hope he has a great tournament for Norway.
- In my Norway runthrough I mentioned an injury to Mads Hansen. It's a broken cheekbone as a result of a bad hit from behind. He's expected to make it in time fr the Olympics.

Happy new year fuckers!

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