Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hawks postgame

I went to bed with 12-13 mins left of the game and 2-0 chicago. Fuck knows how it will end.

The first started with some back and forth play, but the Hawks had the majority of the best chances. The first penalty of the game was a stupid offensive zone roughing by Draper. The best chance of that PP was a breakaway shorthanded by Miller where he missed and drew a PP. The PP was quite whisky dick, but with 2 secs left Abbie got a glorious rebound, that he sent wide. Some more chances ensued, but no goals. After that the Hawks had the best chances, but the Wings had some periods of pressure and some decent chances. Howard looked great. After a good period of forecheck at the end of the period, Hossa got a breakaway, but fumbled it all up with a spin move. The Wings answered with a good chance. With a minute left the Wings took a too many men penalty. Stupid! Luckily the only good chance on the first period part of the PP was by Kopecky, no goal of course. Wings won the period shots 11-10.

The second period started with the rest of the Chicago PP. It took Kane 30 seconds to core on a point shot after a chumped clear by the perfect human. Howard was screened. Fuck! The following minutes saw some chances both way before the Wings got a PP after Hjalmarsson ravaged Bertuzzi on a hold/hook. Both a Homer-redirect and a Dats shot were good chances on the PP. The second PP line weren't that good, but Meech had a good chance on a point shot. They also gave Brouwer a good shorthanded chance. A little before the halfway point the Wings were really close on a mad scramble for Pasha in front of Niemi. The Wings actually had a lot of good chances around this point. After some Chicago zone time the Wings drew another PP with 7 mins left of the period and I prayed for a good one. God chose to ignore my prayers. Bastard! Wings won the period in shots 13-10, but lost it in goals 1-0.

The third started with a good chance for each team. After 3 minutes the Wings got another PP after Byfuglien took a roughing penalty. I prayed to all the Gods I could remember for a good PP and a goal. Then it turned out to be 4-on4. Shit! After a scramble that 4-on-4 ended in Sharp scoring. Faux, faux, faux! Abbie's fault for being knocked on his arse by the guy he was covering. Then Toews got an interference penalty. New round of prayers, even Satan was included this time. They didn't listen and Bert took a stupid penalty for slashing. Unless something important like a goal happens I am done recapping now. Too tired and depressed from this game. I wanna be in bed by 4 AM. If the game goes on any longer than that I'll just skip it. Nah. I give up now. Will look at the result tomorrow.

- I hate Eddie Olzyk even more as a Hawks color guy. Even if it was his birthday. Had to watch a Hawks feed. That was rough.
- Wonder how Kopecky felt about Hossa being booed and him ignored.
- Lebda really seemed to want a goal.
- Stuart looked good throwing his body around.
- Brad May = Useless
- Ritola had some turnovers, but played fairly decently.
- The Abbie, Miller, Leino line was really silent. Not good.
- The team played some decent defense tonight and Howard was sound and safe.

Keys to the game
Since I wrote none there are no answers either. This will be a short and boring recap. After all it's christmas eve, the main Norwegian christmas day tomorrow/today.

Play of the game

Wing of the game
Helm was fast, mean and created some havoc.

It's way too late/early and I am going to bed. Good night everyone and Merry Christmas! No wait, I have to quote a thread I saw once when I trolled the Metallica forums in my youth "Marry Christmas"!

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