Friday, December 4, 2009

I don't wanna write a review

I hate all the emo crap, but when games go like this, I become one myself

I said that I don't wanna talk about it! I don't! Aoouch! Okay, okay, I'll write the god damned review then.

Holy Moses, this was a painful game to watch. I really don't wanna write about it, so it'll be quick (and based on my notes from the game)

- 1st Oilers goal: What a crazy bounce, way to go Brett, score an own goal! Not Kindl's fault though, he was actually pretty good in this game.
- Wow, Jaques seemed to own Meech, two biiig hits
- Only two penalties in the game. The PP sucked while the PK was actually pretty decent
- There were way too many bad turnovers in the Wings zone
- 2nd Oilers goal: Nice move by R. Nilsson (son of Kenta Nilsson as Ken reminded us 286 times), but Ericsson really went for the puck there and ended up looking like an arse
- Cleary's goal: What a pass by the Perfect Human! I then thought "Damnit Bertuzzi, you have to shoot there!", but the pass was nice and Cleary finished it. I thought this was gonna be the turning point. I was wrong. So wrong.
- Giving the Wings the extra penalty after the scrum was bullshit.
- How could Homer miss that rebound? If he'd scored, the game would have been a completely different one.
- 3rd Oiler goal: Damnit, the Wings were starting to do well, then Meech has a horrible turnover, Howard over-commits and Pasha decides to score in the wrong net. Nice work guys!
- 4th Oiler goal. Gsus7 H. Christ! Bad Cleary turnover. Where is the defense?
- I'm not writing anymore
- I wanna die
- No! Seriously, not Ericsson too! Reports after the game says it's his knee and that it's not that serious. He will be going to NJ with the team. thank God

Play of the game
Nick, Bert, Cleary, GOAL! This also was the only Red Wings play in the game.

Player of the game
O'Sullivan I guess

Red Wings of the game
They all pretty much sucked, but Bertuzzi gets a C for effort (the rest got Es and Fs)

I'm getting drunk tonight and tomorrow (christmas party at work) and thank God for that. It's gonna take a lot of booze to forget this one.


  1. I fucking suck at pictures. They all get cut :(

  2. Best. Tag. Ever.

    The play leading up to Cleary's goal was beautiful. Too bad that's all that was nice about last night.

  3. Last night? Did something happen last night? What's everyone talking about?

    ...(See? my powers of denial are AWESOME)

  4. @ Nat: Yup, the Cleary goal was about all the good that happened in that game. I'm not sure if I like the tag. On one hand it described my feelings quite well. On the other hand it might be Metallica's worst lyric ever.

    @Christine: lucky you. I've been drunk two nights in a row, I have a hangover the size of Sergei fedorov's ego and I still remember, vividly. :(