Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's official

Yup, we're screwed. Dan Cleary is officially out for four fricking weaks with a separated shoulder. Report from Khan.

I feel that the hockey gods hate us. I really do. I have decided to the blame a few people in the following order:
1. Todd Bertuzzi
2. Ville Leino
3. Gary Bettman
4. Sidney Crosby
5. Georges Laraque
6. Jesus
7. God
8. Satan
9. Gary Bettman's evil twin
10. Shaq


  1. Whoa! Shaq is way further down the list than I would have thought. HA!

  2. I'd put Ovechkin in there, too. And don't forget Claude Lemieux...

  3. Michael: Well Shaq fixes you up with better TV and he might be able to stay for dinner, so those are really redeeming qualities.

    Christine: I have no idea how I didn't put Claude Lemieux on that list. Must've slipped my mind. Ovechkin on the other hand, I kinda like, really just because the Pens fans hate him so much

  4. 8. Satan

    What do you have against poor Miroslav? :)

    And I would have put David Stern and Bud Selig on the list, too, just because.

  5. hehe. Miro was a Pen last year, that's enough. To be serious for a second though, as I realize that this blog mainly caters to Americans and Americans tend to have an absurd fear of Satan and no humour about religion, I felt obligated to include Satan as soon as I mentioned Jesus :P

    Bud Selig should be on the list. David Stern too really, but I ran out of space