Friday, December 11, 2009

Let's try some psychology

Okay, I was lying awake last night, thinking about the skullfuck this season has been so far. And a thought struck me. Imagine the off-chance that one of the Wings players or one who knows them should stumble upon one of these blogs. How would it boost the confidence of players like the already fragile Ville Leino to read that the bloggers are giving up and that they feel he should be playing in the Afghan elite league or something like that?

So, I decided to make a new post. If any Red Wing, friend of Red Wings or media who regularly talks to Red Wings wants to read a blog post, this is the one you should read. Start here:

Guys, it's going great! Considering the injuries we've had you're doing a good job battling. The rookies and youngsters on defense make a mistake or fifteen, but they're young, they have to learn. I believe in them. We all do! Pasha has struggled offensively, but I can feel that he'll be great, starting from today. And Bertuzzi is really getting it going lately. I think this team has potential. I think they don't need Kronwall, Cleary, Lilja, Filppula or Franzen. They can do it without them. And they can do it well! This team will get it going if they play like they're doing now, and then the other guys will have to battle their way into the lineup when they come back.

And Ville, you're doing great man. I can see that you're working hard and with passion every night. Sooner or later the goals will come. Believe me! Trust me!

So good luck tonight guys, I know you guys are still the best team in the league, even with the injuries, and I need you to believe that too.

In other news: did someone do a serious misread or are Fight Nights not encouraged at the Joe? In the latest post of the Official Red Wings Hockeytown Blog, they link to my post about Cleary's injury calling this blog
Fun Night at the Joe
Right. That's pretty nice I guess.

I will be back with a pre-game/lesson in Duck hatred later on

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