Saturday, December 12, 2009

Notes: Lupul out for the Ducks, Fetisov plays game

Jeoffrey Lupul (or however the tard spells his name) is out for the Ducks tonight. Former Red Wing fiasco Kyle Calder will be in his spot, fresh from a stint on the IR. Let's hope he gets hit. Hard. By Stuart. More on NOHS

Slava Fetisov played his first pro game since game 4 in Washington in 98 when the Wings won the cup. He did so in a 2-3 CSKA Moscow loss to SKA St. Petersburg. I'm franticly trying to find a cap of this game, and will write a review if I find it. More on this at Snapshots. EDIT: Found a cap. Looking forward to seeing it tomorrow.

An article published by Even Strenght claims that Pasha's problems are caused by the fact that his wife is homesick. I call bullshit.

Now, gametime. Let's hope for a successful Duck hunt. I am fully dressed in my Lidstrom jersey at 01:26 in the morning, and half to be part of a cake lottery for my little sister's football team tomorrow, so this had better be good.

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