Monday, December 7, 2009

Penalty killing leads to victory in New York

So, this was a great win, we needed it. The Wings were the best team and they won it.
Here are my thoughts from the game:

- The camera is so far from the ice, I hate watching games from arenas like that
- I liked the conversion vid, but damn the ice was shitty. Lots of bouncing pucks and pratfalls. By the way, did they say the Knicks won? I don't follow basketball, but from what I've heard, that's a pretty rare thing isn't it?
- The penalty kill was great all night, really good and aggressive, and the one time they struggled Jimmy bailed them out.
- Pasha showed both will, grit and some skill creating several good chances. But how in hell did the puck not go in on that flurry across the line in the first period?
- I like that Leino was scratched. He deservs it. Keep him there (or in GR) until Filppula returns, let him play a few games with Val and if he doesn't improve by then, ship him off.
- The circus line looked real good.
- The first Rangers goal was typically Wings. They dominated the first period and had just had a good PP, but Abbie makes a bad turnover and Ericsson blows the coverage, so it becomes a goal against.
- Jimmy Howard had a great night. He made some brilliant saves, not least on the penalty shot the Rangers got after a bad Ericsson turnover.
- I had just written something about the second Detroit PP being the worst PP ever when Pasha scored. It made me happy. Datsyuk really needed that one. He was better than in a long time.
- Stuart slayed Anisimov. Wow!
- Avery's dive on Z was ridiculus. Luckily the following PP amounted to nothing.
- I like how the Rangers play For Whom the Bell Tolls before Power plays. Metallica rocks!
- The refs were morons as ever. Two Rangers trips were unpenalized, then the Wings do the same and get a penalty.
- The Cleary goal was, no wait, I'm gonna detail that in the play of the game section.
- The Draper goal was quite funny. The attempted Rangers clear hit a linesman and landed on Draper's stick.
- Rafa and Nick played great. Gaborik kept to 0 shots, that's class defense.

Play of the game
Gaborik gets a long pass, but Lidstrom takes it away from him and starts the attack. Zetterberg waits inside the zone for Cleary and feeds him a perfect pass.

Player of the game
Jimmy Howard. Outstanding!

Ranger of the game
Henrik Lundquist I suppose. All in all the Wings didn't give the Rangers much.

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