Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Red Wings own Turco once again

So first of all, I just wanna direct your attention to thisRed Wings blog off. I'm thrilled to be mentioned in the same voting as these other great blogs. To the four maniacs who have voted for me: Thank you! To the rest of you, go and vote for the ones you like the best. It's a tough choice if you ever had one.

Over to more serious stuff. The Wings played a great game monday night against the Dallas Stars and won 4-1. I actually took notes through the game, and after searching for them through the house (I watched the game yesterday morning, and since then the house has been cleaned). I have now found them. The following is based on them, or the lines I was able to read (my handwriting sucks). (Notice how everything is now in sequence)

Thoughts about the game
- Leino's wrap around early in the game was close, but people calling it bad luck are horribly wrong. Nothing, except for something in his head prevented Ville from taking another half step and getting the right angle to score. Also, did anyone notice how Turco just froze?
- I still think the Stars got through the neutral zone too easily (this got a bit better through the game)
- When the Wings were one guy short on the ice, Datsyuk was the missing player, might it have been an attempt to get away from sharing ice time with Bertuzzi?
- The Miller goal was as pure gold as his last one. Great hustle and real will behind it. Great work Drew, in my eyes you've already deserved a contract for next year.
- Dallas played good cycle play at the end of the period. The Wings were better defensively, but still there were situations when they weren't tough enough on the bodies of the Stars.
- Case in point: The goal. Nick should've taken Morrow and tied him up (and now this blog suddently looks like a gay S/M porn script)
- Finally Helmer got one! Nice. Great pass from Draper, nice of Bertuzzi to get his stick lifted. Let's hope Helmer gets some confidence out of it.
- The Cleary goal was yet again a result of good hustle and grit. I love it!
- The Wings really dominated in the face off circles. I love it!
- Does anyone know why Miller is always behind Uncle Mike when he does his intermission interview? Is he that keen on hearing if he's mentioned or not?
- Bertuzzi's goal: Great that he finally just shoots. He had a bit of luck, but it was a nice shot, and a good thought. Please God, Santa, Satan, let him get on a roll.
- Trevor Daly was last on two Wings goals. Thanks mate!
- Ribeiro is a piece of shit. I really dislike him and his dirty play. Wish he'd shut his mouth and shave of his porn-star stache. On second thought, maybe he's the guy who should take Morrow's body and tie him up?
- Jimmy had another great game. I'm officially a convert.
- Gold pads, and sivler ornaments on his mask, Turco is quite the little gangsta.

Play of the game
Cleary's goal. Hard work, good hustle. Nicely placed shot by Rafa, and then two (2!) deflections before it found Cleary. Nice.

Player of the game
I've gotta go with Draper. He was just everywhere

Opponent of the game
Mike Modano, not that he was good, but Modano is Modano.


  1. When the Wings were one guy short on the ice, Datsyuk was the missing player, might it have been an attempt to get away from sharing ice time with Bertuzzi?

    I would not blame him one iota if he is going the avoidance route. I sure would.

  2. Yes, I think it's a shame to tie him up with guys that doesn't help him create. I also think it's interesting to see him, when he's on the PP with Z and Homer, then it suddently seems like he's got extra energy and he just becomes so much more dominant. I'd like him to get a line where he can play like that all the time.