Friday, December 11, 2009

Something nice to think about

I was bored and started thinking about how good Z has been this season, then I thought of how good he's been before. So I decided to check out his numbers, up against the players he was matched up against in the playoffs last year. And he kills every single one of them. I've been meaning to do this for a long time, but somehow there are no full playoff series stats, so I had to check stats from each game. Enjoy (G-A-P +/-):

First round vs. Colombus
Rick Nash: 1-2-3 -4
Henrik Zetterberg: 2-1-4 +4

Hank beats Nash in points and their plus/minus ratings look pretty um... coinciding.

Second round vs. Anaheim (watching all three on the line he was matched against)
Ryan Getzlaf: 2-8-10 -2
Bobby Ryan: 1-2-3 -4
Corey Perry: 5-5-10 -2
Average of Getzlaf, Ryan and Perry (numbers rounded off): 3-5-8 -3
Henrik Zetterberg: 3-7-10 +4

Hank ties Getzlaf and Perry in points and destroys Ryan. Hank is also the only one to be a plus player here.

Third round against Chicago (checking out their dynamic duo)
Jonathan Toews: 3-0-3 -3
Patrick Kane: 1-1-2 -6
Average of Kane and Toews (numbers rounded off in the most flattering way for the Hawks): 2-1-3 -4
Henrik Zetterberg: 3-1-4 +2

Hank beats both in points, and is yet again the only plus player

Final round vs. Cindy and the Pens
Sidney Crosby: 1-2-3 -3
Henrik Zetterberg: 2-4-6 +3

Sid might have gotten the cup, but Hank beat him in every cathegory. And the plus/minuses look quite coincidential yet again.

Adding together the four rounds (using the average for Ducks and Hawks:
Opponents: 7-12-19 -14
Zetterberg: 10-13-23 +13

Pure destruction.

This kinda stuff makes me happy. At least we still have Z. Let's hope for a curly fries repeat tonight

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