Wednesday, December 9, 2009

St. Louis Blues pregame and more

I really hate Mike Keenan for making sure this jersey was never used

So, the Blues are coming to town tonight. As you're all aware of the Wings are 1-2-0 against the Blues this year after letting them poop on their party in Stockholm (and on my party too, I was at that first game and ended up leaving drunk, angry as fuck (Kariya was 2 metres offside on his last goal and the Wings should've had two PPs in the last five minutes) and kind of sick (the Swedes only allowed you to take really weak beer (like under 3,5% or something) into the arena, so I had to drink a LOT of it). So even though the Blues are the franchise that think they have a rivalery with Detroit, only that Detroit doesn't have one with them, I still really hate the Blues. I hope they die.

From what I've seen this season, the Blues are as big a mystery as Robert Lang used to be. In Stockholm they were excellent, and they've been good in other games too, but they've been extremely inconsistent and their star players have been unable to score. When Eric Johnson is your top point getter with 18-19 points, you're in trouble. They rallied for a while after their owner hinted at firing Andy Murray (who strangely looks like "old-Marshall" from How I met your mother, only thinner), but lately they've returned to inconcistency (now I've written that word two different ways, hoping one of them will be right). They're PP has been abysmal this year, so I guess that might help the Wings continue their penalty kill streak, or more likely end with the Blues scoring 15 PP goals.

When it comes to the Wings I don't know who's starting (and I probably won't find time to fill you in, but all the other bloggers will, so you'll be fine), but what I do know is that Ville Leino is going to be scratched yet again. Well deserved I might add, I just don't think he looks like he's "in it" and giving it his best. Then I'd rather see Brad May die for the team, though he might not be as skilled.
There are also reports that Justin Abdelkader (I finally learnt that there's a "d" in his name, yay me!) will play center on the second line. Hopefully this will end the ridiculous line rotation that was going on against the Rangers.

Hopefully the team can continue what they have done the last 5 periods of play and fight on, and I also hope they for once can show up at the first face off and not after 30 minutes.

In other news New York Islander Brendan Witt got hit by an SUV yesterday, but got up and went to practice after saying: I'm okay. I've got to go play some hockey. I'm a hockey player. I'm okay. No big deal.. The guys is officially my new hero. More on that story at TSN.

After Brad Stuart's huge hit on Artem Anisimov in sunday's game I have decided that he and Kronner are worthy of a theme song each. So here we go, for Kronwall I have decided to go with Mötley Crüe/Tommy Lee's Planet Boom:

And for Brad Stuart Pantera's Primal Concrete Sledge (warning there are tits in the video):

The final subject I wanna write about is not hockey related at all. As Tyler reported on the Triple Deke the Detroit Tigers have traded Curtis Granderson to the New York Yankees. I hate this on at least two levels:
1. I loved Grandy, he was the heart and soul of the Tigers for me. A great guy it seemed, a skilled player both offensively and defensively and a great lead off hitter. He will be sorely missed by me when the season starts.
2. I fucking hate the New York Yankees and the idea of Grandy there. You gotta see, in Norway no one cares about baseball. But baseball caps are cool, they're in style here. And more than half of the guys wearing baseball caps (the others usually wear Red Sox or Dodgers caps) and 99% of those in other baseball gear wear Yankees. And they don't even know what it is and probably can't even tell you what a double play is. So I really hate the Yankees.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Since I have band rehearsal with my new band (where I am strangely the lead singer (I'm a mediocre bass player, worse singer, but a good songwriter, so stuck with singing and little writing makes me feel weird)) until really, really late and I have vacation I'll stay up and watch the Wings game live tonight if I can find a feed. I'll try and "live blog" the experience (or at least write everything down with a time stamp and post it right after the game) and make a post where people can comment (as I have like two and a half readers no one will, but whatever) during the came. Cya all later.


  1. OK, that Cool Cat mascot is the greatest thing I have ever seen. Since the Blues didn't use it, do you think it's ok if I get a T-shirt made with that on it?

    Oh, and regarding Andy Murray: Brian and I have a running joke with who looks more like a creepy undertaker, him or Claude Julien. For my money, I'd say Julien looks a little bit more like a mobster, and Murray is the undertaker who Julien will call on to do him a favor once he gives the Don his undying respect and loyalty.

  2. Natalie: I love the cat too, it's probably just fine if you make a t-shirt with him. Hehe, both him and Julien looks creepy, but Julien also at times looks like a mild grandpa

    Christine: Nah, it's probably really three and half readers. But I just kinda threw a number out there.