Friday, January 15, 2010

Ahhh... that's better

UPDATE: Montreal won 5-3 over Dallas so per 04:05 AM Central European Time the Wings are in the 8th spot 1 point in front of Kings, 3 in front of Wild and 5 in front of Stars.

James Hetfield, rythm guitarist and singer extraordinaire.

So...As I begin this I am a bit pissed cause people at A2Y called Metallica one-trick ponies who could never do anything else than angry and therefore couldn't do the soulful Turn the Page. They also ragged on Load, Reload, St. Anger and Death Magnetic (3 first are different and great and the last a majestic return to top form). I guess I will sum my thoughts up by advising everyone to clean their ears and go listen to the albums again. And then go see them live. No one will ever better them. Ever. Again.

Lars Ulrich, decent drummer, great songwriter, great arranger, good feelings for cool beats, smart, well-spoken, motormouth. He might be a jerk, but he's my jerk and I love him.

The game started better than the last and the guys seemed to have some jump, they even got some chances, but sadly they made to many turnovers and the Canes got to control too much of the game and they even had a long period of extended zone time against the Flip-line and Meech and Stuart. The Wings came back from that with some excellent shifts, especially one by the 'vettes line that had some great chances, including one where a Meech shot hit Draper's stick. If he'd been Homer he'd have scored. And then the Wings got a PP. I prayed to Frank. I should do that more often. It works every time. After a weird start Miller got set up in front of the net and Nick took a shot that went low and straight into the net. His first since the 3rd game of the season. Not long after that Filppula took an unlucky penalty. The Canes PP looked good, but good blocks and clears killed it off. After that the only notable thing that happened was a vintage Pasha feed that was perfect for Filppula, but he got hooked a tiny bit and juuust didn't get enough of his stick on it.

Very early in the second period Helm drew an interference penalty. I prayed to Frank again and right off the bat a pass that was cut off landed right in front of Miller who slammed it in. Not much later Filppula got away, but he got hooked twice. Weirdly not a penalty shot, but a penalty. The Wings didnt score, but the Canes came close to putting one in their own net. After that the game went back and forth for a while. Then Bertuzzi got a half break from another great Pasha feed, but Pitkanen managed to tie him up. A little later the Wings got another PP which resulted in nothing despite some good play. After that the play went back and forth again and the Canes had a great chance on a scramble in front of the net. They had some nice chances later too, but Detroit defended well and Howard was great. At the end of the second the Wings had some nice chances including a Bertuzzi shot that hit the post, a play by the Circus line where they just passed around for a while (made me happy to see that again) and a shot by filppula that knocked Ward's mask off.

The third started with chances both ways. The Wings had the best ones and Z could have potted a couple, but it seems like his hands aren't 100 % back yet. Then a weird shot was saved by Jimmah, but he failed to hold it to his chest and the Canes hammed home the rebound. Less than a minute later Val took another penalty, but the Wings killed it off. The Canes seemed to get a jump from their goal and attacked hard, but the Wings played responsibly and Howard was good. And the Wings got some counter attacks. With a little more than five minutes left Bertuzzi found a turnover and served Zetterberg an open net. 3-1. The Wings controlled the rest of the game. Towards the end Bert almost got a breakway after a bad turnover, but he got both hooked and slashed. The Wings closed out the game 5-on-3 without scoring.

Kirk Hammett, not the fastest guy, but boy does he have a sense of melody. While he might not solo like Zappa did there are few who can match him.

- I told Kris at the excellent SnipeDangle (the blog that inspired me to start on my own - can't link it, seems to fuck up the whole post for some weird reason) that I think her recurring GP question if Nick could score jinxed him. She took it down for this one... Yeah, you can thank me now people.
- Sooo good to se the Perfect Human score
- Good to see E back too.
- A game with commercial breaks is NOT "Non-stop Red Wings"
- Eaves had a PK shift where he blocked two shots off his chest (while standing) and then fought hard and cleared it. 40 seconds later he was on the ice and cleared it again.
- I was scared on a couple of Jokinen chances until I remembered he only scores huge playoff goals.
- Nice for Nurse and Sara to get to see a win after having to suffer through the Hawks game in December.

Cliff Burton, 1962-1986, bass player extraordinaire and the man behind the greatest piece of music ever, Orion. Rest in Peace

Keys to the game
- Can the Wings look like they want it?
They looked much more energetic in this one. Way better. Good game.

- Can they like make passes that hits the right player and on the blade, not in the skates?
A few turnovers, but they at least completed most of their passes. Much better here too.

- Which Pasha will we get?
A very different Pasha tonight. He looked like he wanted it, he played hard, was creative, looked interested. And man he made some great passes.

- How will Ericsson look?
A little spotty here and there, but mainly good. He has a poise that the Mebdeech's (TMHollis) and Janik's lack.

- Can Howard do something amazing?
Well, he had another good game. Made some crucial saves.

- Z has looked like he's either still injured or just has lost some upper body strenght. Can he prove me wrong and win his battles tonight?
He looked much stronger. Still a way to go, but this was much better. Strong on the puck several times.

- Will we see my readers Sara and Nurse Nitz on TV tonight? They got my help with some Swedish for some posters welcoming back Z and E. If anyone sees posters with Swedish on them then tell me. Have fun ladies!
Didn't see it, but I use breaks to tweet and write here and at A2Y, so I might have missed it. I did see a lady in (I think) a winter classic jersey in the corner with a board/poster, but couldn't read it.

Jason Newsted, bad bass player, whiney bitch, turd, should never have been in Metallica

Play of the game
The Nick goal gets this by default yes?

Rob Trujillo, brilliant, brought the bass back in Metallica

Player of the game
Drew Miller was really, really good.

Bonus question
Guess from what you know. Do I play bass with a pick or my fingers?


  1. Haha, love it. Saw em live and dug them hard. Except when they played the St. Anger shit. Ah well, it's all good. Great game tonight. Lets keep it going.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Andy!!! We took our signs down to the ice for warm-ups & I think they were a hit! I'm pretty sure Z got a good look at them while he was doing his pregame stretches (he seemed amused, or maybe that's just how Z always looks, but hey, we can hope!) & Sara had a nice one for Cleary that I think he dug ;) Also, Fil seemed to think the were funny, but Miller was confused. But hey, if that confusion got him to score a goal, I'll happily put all future signs in Swedish. Maybe Nick got jealous that it said "King Hank" & wanted to remind us who's the real king around these parts. Sorry, Sara & I are "drunk" on hockey right now, so I realize this will probably sound like a pretty silly post in the AM.

    Also, according to my mom, we DID get on TV during the pre-game, but our seats were beyond nose-bleed, so no lucky for the actual game itself. Our Swedish signs were of course, in the Swedish yellow & blue, so easily noticeable. We also have pictures of your glorious translations, so if you want to see them let me know. Either way, thank you so much for your help!

    Also, Nick Lidstrom scoring his goal. We're proud to have been there for both the goals he's scored this season, and I honestly haven't seen The Joe that excited for a goal in a LONG time. It was completely awesome & I admit screaming like a little girl at a Hannah Montana concert. I suppose we should thank you, for telling Kris @ SnipeDangle to take down her message for a day, so for you, the honorary "3rd" assist ;)

    It's late & I have to work tomorrow. Soooo glad to have been there for a win!!

  3. I just realized we had a minor spelling issue (we wrote "leve" instead of "leva")with the signs... in my defense, I took German in high school as they (sadly) don't offer Swedish. Of course you kinda did all the work for us, all I had to do was copy the correct letters down onto paper, so I guess I really have no excuse.
    As Amanda (nurse nitz) said, Hank looked interested in the signs and Fil- who looked at them longer than anyone else- seemed rather amused by them. I don't know if Ericsson or Nick read the ones in Swedish, but we did get some funny looks from Helmer and Miller :) Now we just need the guys running the cameras to notice...
    Thanks again for the help!

  4. Capt: Hehe. The St. Anger stuff was never popular I guess. Probably why it disappeared so fast from the set.

    Nurse and Sara: Wel, the pregame isn't aired on ESPN 360, so I didn't catch that, but I'd love to see the pics. Cool that they noticed it. Must be fun for them to get to read some Swedish. The reason Fil looked interested in them, but used more time on them is probably because he is not from the region of Finland where they speak Swedish, but all Finns have Swedish in school and he probably has gotten it freshened up from playing with Swedes, but at the same time Swedish and Finnish are waaaay more different that say Swedish, Norwegian, German and English. Actually Finnish is in an entirely different group of languages. So he probably needed a little more time to read them.

  5. Isn't Finnish in the same language family as Estonian? They definitely don't offer that as a language choice in Dearborn. We're lucky if our high school offers more than just French and Spanish...
    Fil tends to check out the signs in between drills (maybe because he has a very dedicated fan group at almost every game with signs?) but I'm glad he understood ours. We figured he would have to take some Swedish, but we weren't sure.
    Nursenitz and I tend to have computer fail, but we'll try to get the pics to you

  6. Yup, Finnish-ugric, the same goes for sami and hungarian. Weird shit.

    Most high schools here offer German, French and Spanish, but my sister's also has Russian, Italian, Chinese and Latin. But in Finland Swedish is one of the two official languages and thus they all learn it at school.

    Haha, I'm not good with computers myself..

  7. Ha! That's the last time I let Sara do the transcripting! Hopefully the guys appreciated our efforts at Swedish & weren't offended by our mis-spelling... You guys are awesome with your language/cultural lessons on here. Who know I'd learn so much on a hockey blog?? Hockey DOES make you smarter!

    So I don't know how to post pics on comments, or if you even can, but I'll will have them up on my FaceBook page shortly (, or Amanda Nitz in Ann Arbor), or if you don't want to do that (which I totally get, cuz some people use FB for their friends, and not crazy blog readers, LOL), I'm probably going to create a flickr account for all my pics in the near future.

  8. You pray to Frank?

    Whatever works. :)

    And Photobucket is another photo sharing site you can use - I loaded all of my pictures from my vacation to the Sleeping Bear Dunes this summer so my friends and family could see them at their leisure instead of me shoving a screen in their faces while I flipped through the jpegs.

  9. Nurse: Hehe, I'm sure they appreciated it. Though it probably told them you weren't Swedish (which would probably make them appreciate it more). *Added you on FB*

    Barqoue: Yeah, haven't we gone over this before? Every time I pray to Frank Zappa for PP success the Wings score. Therefore he is God. However I have now decided that it is the twin Gods of Zappa and Helm.