Friday, January 29, 2010

Bubba, dubba, scubba

Yeah, nice title asshole.

First of all, last week I made a post asking for Ritola to called up again. It was called The answer starts with an "R" and rhymes with a cough drop. So the answer is Ritola. He wears number 42, so.. the answer is 42. I didn't think about that before today, but for me he will hearby just be known as "The Answer". The question? Ask me again in a few million years.

Jason Williams is back tonight. Shrugs all around, but well he's better than the alternative. The sad part is, Abdelkader was sent down to GR. So the lines today will be these:

No news on the D.

I can't bother with the stats shit anymore, but this I have to say:
The Wings have been on a bad streak, so has Nashville. After wednesday's embarassing game the Wings need to amp it up and deliver. They need to look like they care, like they have confident, like they understand the concept of SIXTY minutes.

Keys to the game
- How will Williams look? Will we notice him?
- Will Z and Nick continue their onslaught? Can Z catch on?
- Jimmah?!?
- Sixty minutes pur-lease


  1. What do you get if you multiply six by nine?

    And sixty GOOD minutes please. Like you said last time, we got sixty minutes, just not the right kind of minutes.

  2. Yeah, I don't think that is it. But it was offered as "the question" if I remember correctly (gotta go back and read those books again soon (will be the tenth time or something)).

    Yeah, sixty good minutes

  3. Sixty minutes of good hockey would be awesome. I freakin' LOVE The Answer. The Answer to Life, The Universe & Everything...and the Wings' woes.

    According to KHAN! Stuie will be playing tonight. I guess that Babbles is going to dress both Meech & Lebda for the warm-up & then decide at game-time who he's going to play. Or maybe it's a back-up in case Stuie can't play. I'd really love to see the Super Smash Brothers of #23 & #55 back together again. If Babbles wants solid D, I think that's how he's gonna get it.

    If someone brings a Tootoo whistle to the game tonight, I will find them & they will be sorry...

  4. The Answer is the man. Should have been kept in Detroit until now.

    Yeah, please kill the tootoo whistle guy if he's there.