Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bush-league motherfucking referee pieces of shit. Please die.

The NHL hates puppies. Fact. Gary Bettman hates puppies. Fact. The referees hates puppies. Fact. And the war room hates puppies. Fact. Seriously, you'll never see 65+ minutes of worse refereeing than this. Horrible, just horrible. That said the Wings did badly to let this one slip out of their hands.

The game started at a fast pace and the Wings drew first blod when a nice Zetterberg found Bertuzzi, who dragged himself around the defender, deked Auld out and scored. The Stars answered with some pressure and got a post, but then Modano took a stupid slashing penalty. He whined a lot about it even though it was totally obvious. On the PP a scrambled pass from Z ended up at Rafalski's stick and he scored. This made the Stars mad and they started running around and hitting like idiots. Towards the end of the period the Stars pressured and had the puck a lot, but the Wings defended well and didn't give them much. And when he was asked Howard stepped up. The Wings had some chances too towards the end, especially a shot by Stuart that hit the post. And Filppula absolutely annihilated Robidas in the neutral zone.

Early in the second period the Wings took a very marginal too many men penalty. They looked they were gonna kill it off nicely, but at the end they got a 2-on-1/3-on-2 and Richards managed too draw Howard too far out and banked it off Stuart's stick and in. The whole thing was Lebda's fault. He pinched (something you never do when shorthanded and missed it completely and got left in the dust. After that both teams had a few chances including a good one for the aforementioned Lebda. Then with a few minutes left Z took a stupid retaliation penalty after Barch hit him dirtily to try and stirr up something with May. The penalty was nicely killed. With a little less than two minute left Ott went after Bertuzzi before a faceoff. Bert kept his cool and just talked to him while Ott knocked Bert's helmet off. The incompetent, blind, moronic crew of zebras somehow decided to let that go.

The third started with the Wings taking a delay of game penalty. They killed it off, but soon after the Stars scored. What happened here: Me jumping up and screaming "whaddayfuckingblind you imbesillepieceoffuckingshitref". With all the god damn disallowed goals for goalie interference this one should be called. Gary, your bunch of Zebra-fuckers are a bunch of morons. Fire them ALL. After that the Stars had most of the chances for a while, among them one where Lebda redeemed himself by saving a sure goal and one where Tiberius was absolutely mauled. The morons who impersonated a refereeing crew (hilarios act guys, really!) did nothing. They also missed an obvious high sticking penalty. Then Detroit came into it a bit and got their offense going a bit more. Towards the end the Stars really turned it on and got a few really good chances, including a post by Daley. The line that broke this up and started 3 shifts straight of offensive zone time and chances towards the end was of course the 'vettes line. So, overtime it is.

The Stars were best in te OT, but even though they let a couple of plays that would have been soft Wings penalties go the refs showed their horribleness on a high sticking play. Lebda obviously got high sticked right in front of the referee. When the ref lacked the balls to call it right away he decided to make up a rule saying that because Niskanen's stick went off Lebda's and up it wasn't a penalty. Pussy. Please die. Yet again Gary. Fuck you and your refs. Go to hell. Now.

The first 10 attempts were pretty boring stuff. Then Steve Ott came close. I initially thought it was in, but on all the angles we got it seemed to just be on the line. Very close, but no goal. Then after 5 minutes of conversation the referees and the war room, with no evidence on their side as far as I have seen, decided to make it a goal. Eaves missed the next one. Game, set, match. I think the conversation went something like this.
Ref: So you've got no evidence.
War room: No, as far as we can see it wasn't in, but there's a small millisecond where it might have been in.
Ref: Tough one man.
War room: Yeah.
Ref: And I have to make a decision. And remember that these fans here are southstate redneck bums, so they don't know anything about rules about the goal line.
War room: I feel your pain man. Will be hard for you to make them angry.
Ref: Excactly.
War room: Well, after all it is Detroit.
Ref: You're right, it is.
War room: So screw'em. Make it a goal. If they complain we'll just throw the whole tin foil-hat thing at them.
Ref: Thanks man, you made my day.

Where's my frickin tin foil-hat?

- Steve Ott must be a moron thinking Stuart would fight him.
- What's wrong with Robidas's face? Didn't he wear a cage during the 08 series too?
- I've called Morrow a baboon before and I'll do it again. Moron he is. He has so many dirty hits.
- Brad May should have take on Ott saying "if you wanna fight, then fight me" and treated it like a fight where he would have to hurt Ott before Ott gets the chance to hurt any of his teammates.
- Ken Daniels: "Helm goes into the zone with speed. Well, that's redundant." Love it!
- Anyone else laugh by the fact that the AAC played "Tonight's gonna be a good night" when the Stars were down 2-0.
- Steve Ott play like a god damn douche. He got off with a lot of stuff... I hate him.
- How nice must it feel for Bert every time (3 so fsr this season) he gets to pot one against the team of the man (no, douchebag) who egged him on to make the worst decision of his career.
- Tiberius (TMPerella) was excellent.
- I would referee better than that.

Keys to the game
- Can Lids pot another?

- How will the eurotwins be?
Z had an assist on the Bertuzzi goal and the Rafa goal. He looked very good overall. The line also looked excellent. Datsyuk was good too, but the most invisible on the line.

Well, that didn't take long. And a beauty it was.

- Will Brad May get revenge? How embarassing will his fight be?
Haha. No goal for Brad. He had a good chance though. No fight against Barch either luckily.

Play of the game
Bertuzzi's goal. Nice pass and great work by Bert.

Player of the game
I'm gonna go with Lidström. He had a great game.

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