Sunday, January 17, 2010

A classic Norris battle

This will be short as I have a podcast to record right about now.

Good game by the Wings. They were the best team out there. Highly entertaining game. A shame that it went to the shootout.

The game started with Detroit handling the game. Then the Hawks got a cheap PP which looked good, but the Wings PK was better. After that the Wings had some great chances, but after Niemi came up huge on a double chance for Abbie, the Hawks took it the other way and scored on a shot that Jimmy Howard should have had. Shit. After a little more time the Hawks got an even cheaper PP which was killed off. The Hawks dominated the next minute before the Wings attacked with some nice chances. Then Eaves got an extremely soft high sticking call that looked just ridiculous compared to all the shit Dallas got away with last night. Kane capitalized on it. 2-0. The wind seemed to go out of the Wings a bit after that, but towards the end of the period a perfect attack by the eurotwins, Bert and Nick ended with Nick scoring. Then Eaves and Versteeg squared off. Versteeg cut Eaves with an early jab, but the smaller in got the most shots in. Then of course, when the Wings had a good attack Bert got called for a very soft infraction while Keith's dive was obnoxiously ignored.

The Wings started the second by killing of the rest of the penalty, went on the attack and then drew themselves two consecutive power plays, both of them obvious ones. Both PPs looked good with a lot of chances for the 1st unit and weak for the 2nd. Towards the end of the second PP the Hawks took another one and the Wings got a third opportunity. I prayed to Frank for PP success. It worked. A nice feed found Z who put a nice goal between Niemi's legs. Sadly the Hawks answered quickly on a play where you have to wonder why Brett Lebda seemed to be marking Brad Stuart instead of the scorer Sharp. The next period of time had some good chances both ways, the best of them some scrambles from the Wings. The game went end to end and looked rough. The refs decided to lose their whistles. Towards the end Detroit dominated and had some nice chances, but Niemi came up big.

The third started with some Hawks pressure, but then the Wings took over and had some huge chances. Around the midway mark they won a draw, Lids found Eaves who scored from a long distance. After this the game got more even, but the Wings swere still dominating. The Hawks had some good chances during the last minutes, so did the Wings. And it went to OT.

The overtime started with a breakaway by Z, consisted of end to end fast hockey and great chances, including an amazing solo rush by Datsyuk. It ended with a 3-on-1 for Chicago that didn't pay off. So, the skills shit.

Dats scored on a cheeky one, Toews scored, Z hit the crossbar, Kane missed, Bert had a nice one, so did Hossa, Cleary missed and Sharp scored. Shit.

- I hate Patrick Kane
- I hate Byfuglien and Sharp too, but those I'd at least love to have on the Wings
- The Wings didn't just get screwed on penalties. Every offside was deemed intenional, soft hand pass calls, thrown out of face offs for nothing etc etc.
- I liked Eaves decision to fight.
- Some penalties even morons can see I guess.
- Antti Niemi is a great goalie.
- You could hear when NBC went to break that Doc started saying "Well, now the anticli.." lemme finish it...climtic end to this great battle.

Keys to the game
- Who has the best legs tonight?
The Wings actually seemed to come out with the freshest legs.

- Can the Wings, and especially the circus hold for 60+ minutes?
The circus line was fricking amazing. All three of them worked hard and played hard. The team seemed to skate well and work hard.

- Will Howard have another good one?
The first goal was just bad. Other than that he was asked to make some big saves and he stepped up. Nothing he could do on goal 2 and 3.

- Someone please crush Kane and Hossa!
Didn't happen..

- Will the referees at least look like they are trying tonight?
They did a good job working for the company storyline of the Hawks dominance etc.. But in the second they woke up and they at least didn't ignore blatant penalties. The rest was fine really.

Play of the game
The Nick goal. Excellence.

Player of the game
Zetterberg was DOMINANT.


  1. Someone needs to get a message to Babcock's wife, since he listens to her, and get her to tell her husband every freaking time she speaks to him "Do NOT break up Zetterberg and Datsyuk EVER AGAIN, because despite how good they are apart, they are even better together."

    He doesn't listen to anyone else. :)

  2. Absolutely. Pasha and Z were amazing today, phenomenal. I don't think I've ever been happier with a game the Wings lost

  3. While I'm bummed that we had to witness another loss, I can honestly say that Sara & I got our money's worth on this one, and I left the building feeling satisfied as if we had won. I just hope these two points don't come to bit us in the ass later on... If this game doesn't sell hockey to Americans, I'm not sure anything ever will. The Wings clearly looked like the less-tired team, despite having traveled farther, and most importantly, it looked like a lot of things were clicking (i.e. the circus "revisited" line as we like to call it).

    Nick's goal was a thing of beauty, and I never get tired of the cheesy "Hank" chant when Z gets a goal. Eaves's fight was fantastic to watch. It looked like good old time hockey, where the fight really meant something. Good for him to stand up for himself & use it to rev up the team. The ending was a true nail-biter (I literally was biting my nails, especially after Z missed his breakaway chance!), but I knew it was over by the time we got to the shootout. I was just impressed that Jimmy held up as well as he did playing 2 games to the SO in less than 24 hrs. I think the entire Joe collectively held their breath as we watched Pasha's shootout goal go in. Beautiful. And Bert's, well, his "move" looks pretty awesome when it pays off. It's kinda funny because I had been explaining to Sara that Sharp was probably the only player on Chicago that I didn't really hate and would sign to us in an instant if we could afford him...And then he had to score both a goal and the shootout winner on us. Oh well, at least he seems to have a lot of respect for the Detroit organization everytime he's interviewed.

    Speaking of Hawks fans, I was really disappointed with the huge amount of fans there at the Joe. The fans we sat by were only mildly more classy than the ones before simply because they actually cheered for their team instead of against us. Either way, it's a bummer when there's a large enough group to audibly here the "Detroit Sucks!" chant countering our "Let's Go Red Wings" one. I know it's a bad economy, and the time change was inconvenient, but we shouldn't be allowing this many bandwagoners in our arena. This must be what it's like to be a Phoenix fan... Either way, I thank Sara for keeping me from vomiting all over the Hossa jersey in line in front of us at the entrance. I also think we spotted She-Tuzzi manning the NBC cameras & pushing us aside while we were watching the warm-ups rinkside...

  4. Nice report on the game. Thanks for sharing...