Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ducks pregame

My hatred for the Ducks is well documented, so refer to the archives of old pregames to read hateful things. Not much to say about this one, but this should be the easiest game of the next three and is therefore must-win. No word on wether or not Z will play, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

The game is on at 4 AM, so holy fuck, I'm not getting much sleep tonight. Combine that with my dad visiting my stepmom and stepsister in the Dominican Republic (they're waiting for visas), so I'm a "single parent" for my three younger siblings for 2 weeks, and the only one in the household who can drive. And believe me, those young ones has a lot of stuff to be driven to. But let's grind it out. It should be a good game.

The record
The Ducks are 13th in the West with 39 points and a record of 16-19-7. They suck. Since the 15th of December they've gone 4-6-0 and they are winless in three.

The goalies
Who will starte? Fuck knows. So I'll do both. Jonas Hiller has played 27 games, 26 of them starts, has a record of 12-12-2, a 2.91 GAA and .913 save %. JS Giguere has 18 games, of which 16 were starts, 4-7-5, a 3.06 GAA and a save % of .899.

The players
Shithead and Baboon (Getzlaf and Perry) leads the team in points with 41 each, they are followed by Ryan (34), Fuckface Niedermayer (25) and Kuivu (23). Ryan leads the team in goals with 19, followed by Perry (16), the injured Selänner (14) and Lupul and Getzlaf (10 each). Lupul tops the team in plus/minus with +3. 3 players are +2, 4 players are +1 and one is even. Chipchura is worst with a -14 , while Marchant and Fuckface are both -13. In their faces. HAH!

Keys to the game
- Zetterman?
- Can Lids finally score?
- How will the first line be?
- Can someone flatten Baboon, Shithead or Fuckface?
- Can Howard shine yet again?

Gotta pick up my sister so no time for images

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