Wednesday, January 6, 2010

- Ducks recap

I am too tired to write much. Game started at 4 AM here. The keys to the game thingy will be omitted tonight cause I can't be bothered.

The Wings came out fastest and got an early PP, but Bert made a turnover on a lousy PP, Koivu got it, battled Rafa and scored. Shit! Then after some horrible defensive plays a puck went off the endboards and out to a Duck who scored. 2-0. And then Bert took a penalty. In the dying seconds of the penalty Baboon (Perry) got a goalie interference penalty. The best chance on the penalty was another shorthanded Koivu chance. The rest sucked, including a stupid and cheap May holding penalty. Malts had a good shorthanded chance. The penalty was killed off and then Janik and some douche fought/wrestled. Might be the worst period ever.

The second started with May and Brookebank fighting/wrestling. The Emminger took two for raping Helm. Decent PP, some good chances. Then, Miller got a cheap two minutes. Killed off. Fuck it. I won't write much more except for goals and stuff because I'm tired and this game is depressing. I do look forward to going out to buy a laptop tomorrow though. At the end of the third Meech fought Nokelainen after a hit. Now It's 5:45 AM, 2 periods are gone and I give up!

- Randy Carlyle is a smug, ugly son of a bitch.
- Janik didn't like that Bode took the puck away from him, says Ducks announcers. Might it have been the attempted trip?
- Apparently Keating, a guy who has worked Detroit sports for at least two decades, said Denver Red Wings after his first intermission interview with Ritola. I had a PT Ducks feed on ESPN 360 center ice, so I didn't see that.
- Brett Lebda has more than 300 NHL games. This makes me sad.
- Wow, those ducks dudes are douchebags!


  1. Ha, I didn't catch that Lebda hit a milestone. I just thought about it and decided I don't care after all, which is probably why I forgot it to start.

    Re: Ducks = douchebags--I can't even stand to see Ryan Getzlaf's face. It makes me very sad for the human race.

  2. he hit in the Dogs game methinks...

    Getzy has the most smug slapable face in the story of mankind.