Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally a skills competion win

Update: Spelling mistake in the title fixxxed. I also answered the keys to the game question that I forgot last night. 17 minutes to drunk time. YAY!

Fumbling another lead, another three point game. Not good enough. At least they won the skills competition.

The game started off quite open. The first big chance came for the Wild with a flurry of shots aided by a dumb turnover/clearning attempt by Lebda after the initial chance. Then Ville Leino ran into a guy while Maltby had the puck. Stupid penalty. Ridiculous. The Wild PP got no chances, while Helm got a breakaway, but he missed and Harding saved the rebound too. After the PP Pasha sent a magnificent backhandpass to Bert who got away and made no mistake. 1-0. The Wings took over after this and had some more great chances, including one where Stuart dangled his way in on goal. The Wings got a PP chance and had some good opportunies including a couple of good ones for Leino (!) and a post by Stuart. The last part of the period was a bit more open, but the Wings held the Wild to three shots in the first.

Backström was in goal for the Wild in the second, a period that started weirdly with a lot of turnovers from both teams. Bert got a chance on a breakaway, but waited too long. Howard made a double save on a huge wild chance before Eaves cleared and Bert came close on a tipped Datsyuk shot. Wild looked much better and stepped up the hitting. The Wild took over more around the halfway mark and scored on a lucky bounce after a shot bounced off the glass and over the net, off a shoulder and in. The Wild seemed energized by this and dominated the next few minutes. After the last commercial break the Wings got a little better and got a PP which they failed to capitalize. In the last minute a couple of turnovers by E and Lebda led to some big Minnesota chances and Jimmah had to be huge.

The third got off to a great start of the third. Helm won a board battle, took it to the net and Eaves batted in the rebound. This was immediately followed by a whisky dick PP. This was followed by some end to end action. Then Meech took a high shot which Miller directed downwards and into the net. This seemed to really energize the Wings, who dominated the next minutes. With six minutes left a rebound shot was redirected past Howard by E's stick, then hit Havlat's skate and went into the net. Then the Wild came on strong and a minute later a puck bounced high, Brunette won the battle and scored. Rafa should have taken him and not tried to bat the puck. The last minutes had some Wings pressure, but it went to overtime. Gah!

The Wild dominated the overtime, but no goals. Swell, another shootout.

Datsyuk and Nolan were the only ones to score in the first 3 rounds. Then there were 3 scoreless rounds. Zidlicky and Flip both scored in the seventh, before Miller ended it in the 8th.

- Many turnovers early.
- Ville as usual took one step to little on the wrap around.
- The defense seems to be good at first periods. I have also noticed that my English is getting more and more messy as the days go by. Nowadays I will write "theater", "center" and "defense", but "flavour", "favour" and "aluminium". Glad I'm not in school anymore.
- What fucktard puts Lego out with the Wings so soon?
- Miguel Cabrera admits alcoholism. Wow. Hopefully he can get clean, the Tigers are gonna need him on top form this year.
- Speaking of alcohlism, Keating seems to be an enabler. He told Murph to get a beverage.
-What's the deal with Lebda getting rocked every time against the Wild?
- Lebda, when you are out with the circus YOU don't try to lead the attack and you DON'T just shoot it in.

Keys to the game
- The Wings scored on 4,3% of their shots against the Caps, can they do better this time?
10,34 percent. That's better and actually a decent number, but based on the play and chances they should have scored more.

- Jimmah in net, will he show Ozzie what a real goalie is?
He had a very calm first period. In the second he got a lot more to do. He came up big, and can't be blamed for the Wild goal. The second Wild goal he maybe should have had, but the third was not his fault. He was great in the overtime.

- Can Pasha and Z continue to look good? They need more shoot!
What a pass by Pasha for the first assist. The guys won battles and played hard. They looked good offensively too. They faded a bit though as the game went along.

Play of the game
Pasha's nice breakaway pass to Bert.

Player of the game
Darren Helm. Great hustling game by the birthday boy.


  1. If the Wings keep blowing 2-goal leads & not capitalize on scoring chances like this, I think I will need to turn to alcoholism to cope with it. Seriously, I need some kind of depressant to chill me out after this one...against the 13th-place Wild... Babs keeps assuring us that if they play as well as they have been, good things will happen. Still waiting Babs, because honestly, a W is awesome, but I felt better after our SO loss to Chicago than tonight's game...

    I'll quote you by saying that Brett Lebda is NOT and will NEVER be an NHL-quality D-man. I think that's all I need to say about that. As for the Big Rig... Sara will kill me for saying this, but I just wasn't impressed with his play at all. Maybe playing with Lebda, suckiness is kind of learned... He's a D-man. I don't need to see him driving the puck in deep. I need to see him playing responsibly in our own zone. Not happening.

    And finally, on the theme of alcohol, it's Miller Time. I met him at the Great Lakes Invitational this year and he was such a nice guy, very shy, and kind of a little amazed that people were lining up for his autograph. So, the pressure's on Ryan. Your little brother played an awesome game. We're counting on you to stop LA & keep the playoff spot. Thanks from all Wings fans in advance.

  2. Yeah, these blown leads are horrible. They need to end right now.

    Lebda sucks, that's it, end of story. E has the potential, but he needs to make better decisions. I remember that as one of the things our coaches always drilled us in. Make the right decisions. E's not doing that right now.

    Miller Time.. well here it's real beer time in 19 minutes. YAY!

  3. "Seventeen minutes to drunk time" should be your new motto - I see shirts with the saying selling like crazy!