Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For the love of God. It is s-i-x-t-y!

Seriously, it's not fun anymore. This was a game we had won, but the Wings decided to give it away. I am lost for words.

The game started off being just bad. Both teams struggled to connect passes. Then, a third through the period, the Wings started playing. The second line had a great shift and then with the first line on, a flop pass landed on Z’s stick. He took it down, sent it across the crease to Pasha who lifted it up and scored. Then the Dogs got a PP. It was killed off and the Wings could continue to pressure. Then the Coyotes got another PP. Z collided With a guy in the corner. No foul from none of them, but Z got penalized anyway. The penalty was killed off nicely and Eaves had a nice play where he wasted quite a lot of PK time. After that the Coyotes came on a bit more and the last minutes were pretty even.

The second started pretty open and with a lot of broken plays. After a while it settled down, just like the first. Detroit had most of the pressure, but Phoenix had some chances too. Then the Coyotes got another tripping PP on the cheap. Towards the end of it they finally scored on a play where Howard should have held the rebound and Stuart was way too weak on the guy in front of the net. Right after that everything went wrong for the first line and the Yotes scored again. But just eleven seconds after that Draper threw a wobbling puck on bryzgalov and Eaves scored on the rebound. The Wings followed up with more pressure and got a PP. Both PP units had some great chances, but didn't score. The Wings continued to pressure after that and drew another penalty with 47 seconds left. The biggest chance on the second period part of that PP was a shorthanded chance for Phoenix after Rafalski had fallen down.

The third started with the rest of the PP. No dice. The Wings continued to pressure, but gradually Phoenix got some chances. And after 6,5 minutes they got a PP. God knows for what, Versus and replays don't go well together. The Dog PP looked severly dangerous, but Jimmah made the saves, including a huge one with the blocker. The next couple of minutes were scrambly and both teams had a lot of turnovers. Then Nick Lidström took it upon himself to deke off two players, have patience and score on a beautiful backhand. The next couple of minutes went back and forth and the part before the last commercial break ended with a scrum in front of Howard that nearly turned into some fights. Only penalty to Doan for roughing. On the PP Bert snuck the puck over to Nick who scored on an open net. The Yotes pressured after that. They got a PP, took out their goalie and scored on a point shot. The Coyotes pressured hard during the last minute, and with 15 seconds left the Coyotes tied it up. Moronic. Bad turnover by Stuart. Headless. And Nick or Hank should have taken Jovanovski's body. Fucking stupid. Can't you morons hold on to leads at all? Overtime again. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Towards the end of the overtime Doan scored and won it for the Jets.

- About Z and Pasha: "And you know they have great sex, I mean success against Phoenix." So we all know what Emma's gonna be doing tonight.
- ESPN 360 has Versus, but both the commercials and all studio action is taken out, which makes for weird commercial breaks and really weird situasjons when they get a hockey central update.
- Versus sucks.
- If I am going to complement Versus on anything it has to be the neat way they show both goalies together.
- Brad May threw hits, played hard, had a lot of shots and looked like a good hockey player. His best game this year. Yeah, gimme some crow, I'll eat it.

Keys to the game
- How will Niklas Kronwall look?
He came out looking strong, throwing a hit after like five seconds. He played sound defense, had poise with the puck and had some nice offensive plays too.

- How will the shakeup affect the first line?
They seemed to work hard offensively in the corner. The Datsyuk goal was pure skill.

- And the second?
They too seemed better right off the bat. They weren't dominated as much as they have been lately, but the second goal was all on them.

- Sixty full minutes please!
Nope. They decided to end it at fifty-eight.

Play of the game
The Datsyuk goal had some great skil by Z, a great pass and a perfect finish.

Player of the game
Nick Lidström had an excellent offensive game.


  1. Worst thing about the game?

    Nick got them the win with his heart, talent and determination - and they couldn't do anything other than piss it away like cheap beer. He can't do everything and they couldn't hang on.

    And poor reliable Stuart picked an awful, awful time to have a horrible game.

  2. Same shit, different night.

    Like you, I'm kind of speechless about this one. This one was put away. It was a weak call on Helm in the last 2 minutes of the game, and you thought, hey, empty net. Lidstrom almost got us curly fries. And I thought to myself, hey, we might have broken the curse! Apparently, the players took the fact that everyone was starting to leave the Joe that it meant they could hang it up too.

    We should have won this one, no doubt. Nick Lidstrom deserved so much better, especially after that beautiful first goal. Sara thought at first that it was Pasha doing the deking, and I had to correct her. As much as I hate the Ericsson/Lebda pairing, for the life of me, I can't understand why Babcock didn't just leave Stuart/Kronwall together. I thought Kronner looked really good out there. It wasn't his best game, by far, but he looked like he was skating well, taking shots, giving a few hits, and just overall being pretty responsible in his zone. He'll get better, and with the chemistry that he and Stuart have & the fact that Stuart's been slumping would've thought...

    On another note, Sara & I had the most awesome interaction with Kronner. We brought signs down to the warm-ups, and with real Swedish this time, I had a sign that said, "Long Love Nik Jr." Kronner spotted it during warm-ups and looked right at me, smiled, gave me a thumbs up. Not sure that he meant me, I pointed to the sign, and he nodded and laughed, and then went back to practicing. It was pretty much the most AWESOME thing to ever happen to me at a game. It's nice to know that he appreciates us fans.

  3. Lidas seemed to like our signs too (thanks again, Andy for those translations). He didn't chuckle like Kronner did after he saw your reaction to him reading them... maybe the Perfect Human doesn't giggle?

  4. Baroque: That's an excellent point. Didn't think of that.

    I'm not sure that Stuart chose this game to be bad. He's been getting progressively worse for two weeks or so.

    Nurse: I thought the Helm call was weak too, though Versus didn't show a replay, so I can't say.

    Stuart should have been placed with Kronwall. The fact he wasn't baffled me all game long. He had a good, steady game, while Stuart absolutely was stinking it up.

    Good to hear that Jr. appreciated your sign.

    Sara: He is perfect, so of course he never giggles.