Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gary's dogs preview

As stated before I do not think that the NHL should own a team or that Phoenix should have a team, so for the remainder of this post I will completely ignore the existance of the Coyotes. SHould be interesting.

This game is the start of a 5 game road trip where the Wings will meet hard oppostion (Winnipeg Jets, LA Kings, SJ Sharks), enemies (Ducks) and bad buildings (Nassau). Would be nice to kick it off with a bang. And since I have been up since 4 AM (Had to drive my dad to the airport), worked for 8 hrs and plan to stay awake for the game (I'm guessing it will end around 5 AM), they better win it for me.

The Record
The future Hamilton Bulldogs (?) are fourth in the west with 54 points (which is actually better than the Avs sitting in third). They have a record of 25-13-4. Since December 16th they have gone 6-1-2, but ended their 10 game home winning streak, losing to SJ in a shootout on new years eve.

The goalies
The future Quebec Nordiques (?) goalie Ilya Bryzgalov has played 36 games, going 22-10-4 with a 2.01 GAA and and a .927 save percentage. Pretty frickin excellent stuff. Last time the Wings broke him early and they will need to do so again.

The players
The top pointscorer of the future Hartford Whalers (?) is Shane Doan with 26, followed by Lombardi and Upshall (24), Vrbata (23), Jovanovski (21) and the Enigma (20). Their top goalscorers are Upshall (14), Vrbata (12), Doan (10) and Lang and Prucha (8). Their plus/minus is topped by Pyatt (+12), Winnik and Michalek (+10) and Fiddler (+9). On the other side is Lopiesto (-5), Hanzal (-3), Mueller (who is by the way not Danish) and Korpikoski (-2) and Hoggan and Lang (-1).

Keys to the game
- In the absence of Brad May, both Leino and Ritola gets to play. Will they have strong outings like in the Avs game?
- Will the first line produce tonight? Might we even see a Tuzzi marker?
- Can Helm build off his great game against the Avs?
- Can Jimmah show the team USA brass how wrong they were?
- How awesome if Filppula and his hair gonna be?
- Can the Wings beat the future Seattle Metropolitans(?)?

Random shit
Work sucks. Someday I'm gonna write a post dedicated to idiot customers. But at least we had some fun, three of us ganging up to sexually harass a co-worker. Or well, it was mild fun and she laughed like the rest of us (but got embarassed too). She is pretty thick skinned, so it was okay and after all, how can you not poke fun and make a thousand worplays out of the fact her boyfriend from home in Sweden moved to Oslo after them being apart from each other for 5 months and them spending new years together. Meh. Guess you had to be there. In our defense, this was all probably a defense mechanism in all three of us when we, at that moment, lost our final hopes of getting in her pants.

I really enjoyed the Winter Classic. Great game, great setting, great ending.

The Blues fired Any Murray, Boo-hoo. Who cares.

I am so bummed I didn't call the last entry "Disco Night at the Joe".


  1. So long as we beat the future Anywhere Anyones, it will be a stellar start to the new year for me. I'm hoping having taken 2 weeks off for the holidays will leave me feeling more refreshed and less homicidal during the game, as well.

  2. Hehe, aren't we all always homicidal during games? Yesterday, I downloaded and watched the Avs game, and even though I had a hangover the size of Barry Trotz's head, I still jumped up and down in my bed, swore, hit the wall and acted like a lunatic. It seems to be in my thought pattern. During games I'm a wreck and that's the way I like it