Friday, January 15, 2010

If the NHL is ever threathened by another lockout

Well, this won't happen for quite some time and hopefully never again, but I just had this great idea when I walked my dog and needed to post it. I am a naive fuck who knows little about the buisness of the league, but I think this could work if everyone turned down their greed and really wanted to do it. This idea is good because:
- We wouldn't miss hockey for a year
- The NHL wouldn't have the fan and media backclash they had during the last lockout.
- It is fair
- It's a good, no great thing to do for the world.
- If marketed right this would get them so much goodwill and good press all over the world.

So my idea is...

If any CBA-negotiation should break down, instead of having a lockout the NHL decides to have one season of what we here call plan B (thus giving the negotiation a whole year to work out).
That season will be played just like a normal season, just with these small differences:
- The players earn no money. Most of the players can handle that. Most of the few who can't will still play just to prove they deserve to be in the NHL. Those to greedy to play are bad people.
- The clubs get to pay arena leases and other costs and they also pay salary to their entire non-player staff. But every coach, GM and everyone else with enough money will be encourage to forfeit their salaries. Hopefully the arena owners and other people that the clubs have to pay during the season will do the same or at least forfeit part of the sums.
- The owners get no money.

All the nice money that is left over after this goes to charity. Make a scholarship to get poor people through college, make a fund to pay poor people's medical bills or go international and support suffering kids through UNICEF, make their own projects in the third world or give it to rebuilding after the next natural catastrophe.

Or of course, if they're all greedy as fuck they could use the money to pay themselves into prime time broacast slots on ESPN for a few years.

This all sounds so simple that I am sure there has to be some good reason it could never happen, but hell, I'd say greed should be the only thing in the way of this.

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