Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I hate Chris Osgood - a game recapped

We want Ritola! We want Ritola! We want Ritola! We want Ritola! Just sayin...

I just noticed that my last post was number 100. So yay...

What a heartbreaker. Shit. When you double up on shots over the Caps and keep OV to zero, then you have to win. But bad luck, bad PP and bad Osgood made it a loss. Shit, shit, shit.

The Wings came out strong and controlled the play. They got an early PP that they didn't score on. The best chance was when Meech had a chance for a cross-ice pass that would've made Flip (or was it Cleary?) have an open net. He shot instead. The best Caps shift came right after the PP when the OV line got to play against Stuy and E. At the midway mark of the first period the Wings had 9 shots on goal, the Caps had none (a few wide and blocked though). On another PP the Wings got nothing, but the first unit got a couple of nice chances including a breakaway for Bertuzzi, who waited too long. The second PP unit looked like they were 5-on-5. After 14,5 minutes the Caps finally got their first two shots. By that time the Wings had 14. With 4 minutes left Lebda was matched up against Semin. It went as it had to go, facing a superbly much better player he had to take a penalty. Amazing kill, no Caps shots. In the last two minutes the Wings dominated yet again.

The second started with more Wings pressure and they were dominating. Then Cleary won a board battle, Flip shot it, Cleary fanned on the rebound, but threw the second one out in front where it bounced of Theo and in. After this the Caps woke up and attacked. They got a PP which was dangerous, but killed off. After that the Wings came back with some huge chances. Bert might wanna shoot more. Around the midway point the Caps had a huge chance that nearly ended with an open net for OV, but some guy named Datsyuk, who they say is a pretty decent two-way forward, took it away. Then Pasha got cliped badly by Green, another PP. Should have been five, not two minutes. No luck on the PP though. After that there were chances for both teams and some open hockey for a while. Towards the end the Caps took over and capped(!) it off with a goal by Matt Bradley. Ericsson was horribly misplaced on that one. The Wings had the last two minutes. The first line needs more shoot (TM Pasha).

The third started quite open until Rafa handed Ovie a nice chance that forced Nick to take a penalty. The kill went well and the Wings got back a bit after that. Then they got a PP. It had good chances, but didn't score. In the next shift Draper won a battle, Flip found a wide open Rafa who blasted it past Theodore. 2-1. Not much later Bert took an unlucky tripping penalty. On the PP Backström totally dangled Stuart (who seems to be slumping) and went five hole on Ozzie. Then 42 seconds after the tying goal, Ozzie gave a bad rebound on a long shot. It bumped off a skate and in. Then the Wings got another PP. No dice. Caps win.

- Nice passing, much poise, then to Lebda who lobs it over the glass.
- Green is known to be fast. Helm outran him easily. The Speed of Light is now called the Speed of Helm.
- I actually noticed Leino on his first shift. I did because he was the one guy trailing the play, not making any difference. He had a better game than normal though. He was still quite bad though.
- You might not always notice Kirk Maltby, but his mix of dedication and pure crazy is what he brings to the team. Blocking an Ovechkin shot while helmetless is part of that.
- Towards the end of the first Ovechkin tried a Class A Dangle on Rafalski. Rafa told him to fuck off and go bite a rabitt by taking his body (and touching it big time, not sure where I'm going here). That's the Rafa we pay big cash for.
- Murph might have hit a new level of wasted tonight.
- Those commercial showing on brand and then saying how another is better would be sooo illegal here in Norway.
- Mad props for playing Hooligans Holiday by Mötley Crüe. Their self-titled album with John Corabi on vocals is criminally underrated.
- Imagine birthday, christmas and Peter Sellers combined. That's a Pavel Datsyuk interview. It's that awesome. Trust me.
- Theodore let in two softies, but played rather well.
- The great 8 takes long shifts.

Keys to the game
- Alex Ovechkin is the best hockey player on earth when it comes to extreme skills. Can the Wings contain him?
The Wings started off defending really well against him. Especially the Rafa play was awesome. And they didn't let up in the second or third.

- Can the Wings keep playing well?
They came out dominating and really had it going for much of the game.

- How will Ozzie look?
I nearly had a heart attack everytime a puck was directed towards him in the first and he looked a bit shaky, but stopped the shots. He couldn't do much about the Bradley goal. The second and third on the other hand were BAD.

- Can Z and Pasha build off their success from the last few games?
They started off pretty well in both ends of the ice and held it all going. Pasha was amazing. Not bad by Z either.

- The Miller, Cleary, Flip line has been dominated the last 2 games. Can they be better tonight?
Much, much better. They actually made some amazing plays in the offensive zone. The first goals was a thing of beauty and two of them were out for and included in the Rafa goal.

Play of the game
Rafa's goal.

Player of the game
Pasha. Good game, good hustle, great interview. Needs more shoot.


  1. That Pasha interview was so classic. My favorite part was when he was talking about how to contain Ovie... "Make sure he not shot." Well, Pasha, looks like you guys at least got that part right tonight. Holy crap does that guy take long shifts.

    In the post-game, at least Bert was honest about it being unacceptable to take a careless offensive zone penalty. I just wish he'd actually learn from those mistakes. I knew as soon as he took it that we were done. I'm becoming too good at reading this team... we put that many shots on goal and only have one goal to show for it. It was only a matter of time before the Washington offensive machine took over. Glad to see Kronner skating with the team again. Cuz god am I sick of this Lebda/Meech shit... Stuart's had a couple less than stellar games. He needs Kronner. We all do. Badly. And Lidstrom, please don't retire. I don't think I can stand watching the opposing team come into our zone without knowing he's there to stop them. At least he and Raffy have been picking it up offensively & played solid D.

    As for Osgood, I don't know what to think about it. I thought he could've been a lot worse than he was, but he still didn't steal the game for us. But Howard did need a rest & Babbles says Howie'll start in Minnesota. I just wish everyone would quit their complaining about who gets ice time and who doesn't and just focus on winning games. Really liked Fil's effort this game too.

  2. It was a dumb and unlucky penalty and Bert should know better.

    Ozzie could have been worse. He could have let in 5 or 10, but the key is that he let in two bad goals in less than a minute and cost us the game.

  3. Might have my timing off, but I think we held OV without a shot until the third. That is so impressive. Nice to see that even if we're SUCKING up the building for a period and a half, we can still shut down their big gun. I was positive he was going to stuff that one home that got lost in Rafa's legs. Panic.

    Speed of Helm - genius
    Leino trailing - Least surprising thing I've read in any recap today

  4. I actually think we held him without a shot at all (yup, the boxscore says so). And I agree, that is really impressive.

    The only problem with the Speed of Helm thing is that I can never use it, seeing ass nothing or noone are that fast

  5. The first bullet under "thoughts" cracked me up. Then I stopped laughing, shed a tear, and now I'm sad.

    And angry. Angry at Lebda for existing.

  6. Yeah, that play kind of made me wonder if I should laugh or slam my head into my desk a few times. The day there is no Mebdeech on the Wings, then I will be happy