Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Islanders pregame

So.. I bought an appartment today! I get it on Feb 1st. I'm psyched and it would be cool if the Wings could top it off with a win. Same line up as against SJ, except Leino is in for May.]

The record
The Islanders are 10th in the easte with 46 GP, 46 points, and a record of 19-19-8. However they've been very good lately and have won something like 6 or 7 of their last ten (couldn't be arsed to find the excact number).

The goalies
I think it will be DiPietro, but I have no confirmation, so I'll post the numbers of Roloson (DiPetro has only played a single game, so I won't post his. Hope we get him). Roly has 30 GP, a 17-7-6 record (impressive), 2.79 GAA and a .911 save percentage.

The players
Okposo leads in points with 30 in front of Moulson and Tavares (29 each), Streit (24) and Bailey (22). Moulson and Tavares have 16 goals each, Bailey has 11 and Okposo 9. +/- leaders are Nielsen, Bailey and McDonald with +12, +10 and +7 respectively. Dick Park's -21 is the worst.

Keys to the game
-Can Jimmah shine once again?
- Will Nick score?
- Will Z look better tonight?
- What will Helm do to amaze us?
- Can Pasha get another one?
- Will the Wings realize that Tavares is always in the same spot (far side, a little outside the crease) on the PP and that he is lethal from there?


  1. Congrats on the apartment!

    As for the game, I'm almost looking forward to getting another chance to ridicule Leino. Almost.

  2. Thanks

    I must admit that I'm scared. This is the kinda game the Wings like to lose

  3. Is jealous :) Been living with my parents for the past few years to save $$ while I work so that grad school won't be so painful. UofM isn't cheap... Then again, I don't have any other younger siblings living at home either, so I suppose that helps.

    I kind of almost wish we were playing Chicago next so that we can get our act together now instead of another stinker against the Canes. But maybe a rest will do the guys some good, and maybe I'll be more optimistic in the morning. I doubt it.

  4. hehe. I've been doing the same thing to save money for an appartment. Lukcily universities here are free and if we choose to study abroad the state helps you out moneywise :D

    Yeah that'd be better actually