Thursday, January 7, 2010

LA Kings pregame

So, here are the Kings. And I've got that feeling, you know the one, the one about a team that just delievered a fucking stinker and also has a couple of guys back against a team high on a huge win. Somehow those often ends with the underdog winning. So tonight (literally, fucking 4:30 AM start)'s gonna be a good night. Arggghh take those Black Eyed Peas out of my head. Fast! *Blasts Pantera* Ahhh, that's better.

The Wings will get Zetty and Cleary back tonight and that's gonna be huge. Ritola is sent back down to GR which is sad. Hopefully he can develop more there and come back full time a year or two from now. I really liked his stuff.

Lines (as per Khan(!)(you all know the adress so I can't be arsed to link it)):

Zetterberg -- Datsyuk -- Holmstrom
Bertuzzi -- Filppula -- Cleary
Draper -- Helm -- Eaves
Miller -- Abdelkader -- Maltby

Lidstrom -- Rafalski
Stuart -- Meech
Lebda -- Janik

Howard (starts)

The circus is back in town! And god damn, that fourth line should be called "The fast and annoying-line". I love it already. So I'm feeling good.

The record
The Kings are 7th in the west with 43 games, 53 points and 25-15-3. They're 5 points ahead of the Wings with two more games played. They have won their last 3 games.

The goalie
Jonathan Quick, the guy who stole Jimmah's spot. Fuckhead. Let's burn him tonight. His stats this season: 39 GP, 23-13-3, 2.56 GAA, .907 save %. And that guy deserved his olympic spot. Right... FUCK YOU everyone, STFU and die.

The players
Leading the team in points is Kopitar with 42 points and surprisingly many vowels in his name considering that he's from a former Yugoslav country. He's followed by Doughty (my JJ pick for player I cover) with 32, Brown (28), Frolov (27), Smyth and Stoll (26 each). However Smyth has only played 28 games, due to injury. In goals Kopitar leads again with 17, Smyth has 12, Frolov 11 and Handzhus, Stoll and Simmonds have 10 each. Plus/minus leaders are Simmonds (+16), O'Donnell (+12), Stoll (+9) and Doughty (+8). On the other end of the scale we find Jack Johnson (-12) and Frolov (-10).

Keys to the game
- Jimmah has to show Quick who deserved that Team USA spot.
- Can the circus line make something amazing happen?
- How will the second line play?
- How many Kings player heads will explode because of the Wings fourth line?
- Will I manage to stay awake for the whole game?

And now, I bring you a song, from the same gig as the last one, which has the attitude that the Wings need to have tonight. (Fun fact: My profile pic is from this performance. Also, notice my rad Frank Zappa shirt):


  1. Hey, Andy.
    Maybe you can get Uncle Mike to pipe the vid into the locker room just before hitting the ice for the 1st period tonight?

  2. haha, if anyone knows Mike's number I'll send him a live version of it by the actual Pantera. That should fire them up.

  3. Fun fact: Frank Zappa and I have the same birthday.

  4. You just became ten times more awesome (which is quite an achievement).

    Fun fact: No one has ever been more awesome than Frank (most of the stuff he did from Sheik Yerbouti and on out excluded)

  5. I freakin' love your tag about Hank, mostly because in my mind, it's true! As if you needed to solidify your awesomeness any more, thanks for the songs. I hear that Danny Cleary's the Wings music man extraordinaire, so maybe we need to find a way to get him to blast this in the locker room pre-game.

    I am ecstatic about the lines for tonight, especially for the forward-side of what should be the 2nd PP unit. Now if only we could get Kronwall's knee to behave, our PP would be back in business. And pleasantly surprised by Z's return. After watching the travesty that was the Anaheim game, he didn't sound too optimistic in his interview. Either that or he was freaked out about John Keating. Can't decide which. Cleary, on the other hand, looked like he was ready to kick some ass. I hope he can remind us why Newfies rule.

    That being said, historically the Wings have put together a winning streak after losing a horrible game (i.e. Buffalo, Toronto) so that's on our side this year. Hopefully they'll be mad enough at themselves and pumped by the return of Cleary & Z to realize that we're 5 points out of a playoff spot & they need to play DESPERATE HOCKEY.

    I always end up writing novels in these comments. Sorry.

    And Go Wings!!!

  6. Hehe... I won't write a novel then, just thank you and tell you that the reason for the fact is just what you said, it is true. I did write an article about it here, but can't be arsed to find it.

  7. Score one for me. Coincidentally (since we were discussing Die Hard movies the other day), Samuel L. Jackson was born that day, too. You know what is NOT awesome about my birthday? I also share it with Joseph Stalin, Phil Donahue, Jane Fonda, Ray Romano, Andy Dick, and Kiefer Sutherland. Epic. Shitshow. I almost have to go with Stalin as the best of the worst there. Now you know why I always choose Frank Zappa as the celebrity I mention who shares my birthday. Ha.

  8. That's a lot of shit people. Hey, you should've been a guy, with Stalin and Frank having the same bday as you, you would probably be able to grow a pretty rad mustache.

  9. HAHAHA. Very, very good point. If only Tom Selleck or Burt Reynolds had been born that day, too; I probably would have been guaranteed to have a mustache, then, regardless of gender.

  10. hehe. Gotta love Burt... Brian should get an imperial (isn't that what it's called) in honour of you sharing your bday with Frank