Friday, January 8, 2010

LA Kings recap

It's closing in on four thirty in the morning and the game starts soon. Just let me first, as a reaction to Homer's injury recall a line from Booker T's classic Born Under A Bad Sign: "If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all." Go to youtube. Listen to Cream's cover of that song. It's amazing and fitting for the day (can you believe that Clapton actually was cool once).

And I'm trying something new today. Normally I'll write a sentence or two during whistles and stuff. Tonight I will only write in commercial breaks. Let's see how that goes...

*Prays for ESPN360 Center Ice to have a Wings feed* And gets rewarded with a Kings feed. SHIT!

In normal home team fashion the Kings came out really hard. They skated well, had good puck support and pressure for the first seven minutes until Detroit got their first shot. Surviving that was essential and a turning point for the period. From there Detroit got more and more pressure, stopped turning the puck over and created some chances. The Kings still had some good chances, but Detroit were the better team in the second half of the period. With a little more than 2 mins left of the period the Wings got a PP. I prayed to Frank on twitter. The first half of the PP was horrible, but then the Wings got some chances and a few seconds after the panlty was over (0,2 seconds before the end of the period) Cleary scored on a rebound. Not a PP goal, but I'll still take it. Thanks Frank.

The first half of the 2nd went back and forth. The Kings saw the greatest chances, but the Wings had some too. The Kings had a PP, but on that Detroit actually got the most chances on that one. Towards the end of the period the Kings took over more and had a great chance after a missed pass by Jimmah. After that the Kings had a PP. They had 7 shots and nearly gave me a heart attack, but Jimmah stood tall and did the job.

The third started with some Kings pressure. Then they took a penalty, but Pasha took one a little later to make it 4-on-4. That was even, but the short Kings PP nearly gave me a heart attack again. And the Kings soldiered on with more pressure after that. Howard was huge. Then with a little more than four minutes left the Wings took a penalty. Kings scored on it. Smyth ona bouncing play. Fuck you Bertuzzi for taking that penalty. That seemed to wake the Wings up and with 18 seconds left, after O'Donnell had tried to rape him in the corner, Darren Helm, possibly the Wings's second best player all night long, walked in and jammed it past Quick. A complete and utterly undeserved victory stolen by Howard, Helm and lady Fortune. Damn that tasted nice!

- Janik made one of the stupidest turnover ever. But luckily it didn't lead to anything.
- Leino ditto.
- Z was dominant from the get go.
- Leino wasn't good, but more visible and made some decent plays
- LA Kings announcers are not the worst, but still not Ken and Mick. I heard that Murph was wasted though. Big surprise.
- Love how Abbie went out to try and pick a fight to slow the game down and get some energy into an anemic Wings team.
- The Wings got flat out outplayed.
- Ryan Smyth is one fugly man.

Keys to the game
- Jimmah has to show Quick who deserved that Team USA spot.
Jimmah was excellent, no more, no less. Kudos to Babbles for choosing him.

- Can the circus line make something amazing happen?
Well they had Bert instead of Homer, so no circus. They had a few chances, but weren't as dominant as we could have hoped. Actually they let the Kings first line dominate them way too much.

- How will the second line play?
They got the first goal on a good play where they worked hard and got the rebounds. They had a decent game overall.

- How many Kings player heads will explode because of the Wings fourth line?
Naw, but that would have been awesome. They worked hard and were gritty though, but didn't play excellent or anything.

- Will I manage to stay awake for the whole game?

Play of the game
Every save Jimmah made.

Player of the game
Jimmy Howard. Excellence...


  1. Whoa, I just did the math...and these West Coast games don't start until 4-4:30 your time. Do you go to sleep beforehand and just wake up super early?

  2. I should do it like that, but since I'm on vacation I stayed awake, went to bed after the game (about the same time as my siblings went up to prepare for school) and slept until noon.

  3. Wow - your dedication to the Wings should be admired! And I thought it was bad when I stayed up til 1am to watch a west coast game when I have to be up at 5am for work! Let's just say I was mighty cranky after I stayed up for that awful Anaheim game.

    Jimmy effing Howard. He had to have known that the goalie debate was going on & that a lot of people thought he'd tank against a much more talented team than he's used to facing. Way to stand on your head, Jimmah! As Babbles said post-game, it's nice that we kind of finally get one of these wins after all the ones we've lost in a similar situation. He also thought someone's mother was counting the shots... I agree that they were probably a little too generous with the shot counter, but damn did he have some great saves. Also, way to go Raffy for bouncing back after last game.

    I REALLY hope that our offense starts to show up in the Shark Tank though. Otherwise, it'll be a feeding frenzy... I know, cheesy, but I HAD to say it.

    Also, Ryan Smyth makes Homer look like a supermodel... I'm just saying...

  4. Wow, that IS super dedication. Even sleeping until noon...that's still being awake for 19 consecutive hours. What do you do while you're in school and there's a late game?

  5. Nurse: Hehe, and now I woke up, my cold has gotten worse, I have a fever and I can't sleep. I guess that's my reward for staying up.

    Howard was brilliant. End of story.

    Yup we need muuuuch more offense. Don't worry about the cheesy factor, I like cheesy.

    Natalie: Good question. I'll probably sleep before the game and get up early. Or I watch them later (but that's not as much fun)

  6. Poor you :( Lack of sleep has a way of kicking you in the ass. I should know. I'm an insomniac... I don't know what Norwegians eat when they're sick, but if it wouldn't take so long to get across the pond, I'd send ya some chicken soup.

  7. hehe, yeah, Well, still a fever, so no work today. Which means I'll sleep half the day and then be awake all night. I'm an insomniac too, so this vacation my sleep cycle has been changed up quite a bit...

  8. Loved your note on Gator picking that fight to slow things down there. This is the beautiful thing about hockey - you can tell the casual fans from the ones who actually know the sport in about 30 seconds. Fighting isn't just some dumb goon move. It's strategic...sucka. (sorry, that was sounding a bit too mature)

    Also, is Doug Janik slipping from "invisible and easy to live with...especially for an old guy" into "painful and we need to get him out of here ASAP" right before our very eyes?

  9. Yeah exactly...

    Well, I've been hating on Janik for 2 weeks now, so I'll go with door number two